Kylie Jenner Refusing To Sign A Prenup As Kim Kardashian Urges Her Not To Marry Tyga [Report]

Kylie Jenner is reportedly refusing to sign a prenup to protect her multi-million dollar fortune as rumors swirl that she and Tyga, her on/off boyfriend of two years, are planning to marry.

Reports claim that Kylie, who has not officially confirmed that she and Tyga are engaged, is refusing to listen to her famous family when they try to give her marriage advice, and she has allegedly made it known that she has no plans to sign a prenup should the couple marry in the coming months.

According to a Kardashian insider who spoke to Radar Online about Kylie’s marriage drama, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner “is steaming mad about the entire situation,” and Jenner is allegedly livid that her daughter would even consider marrying Tyga without a prenup.

“Kylie’s so naïve and has this idealistic view of Tyga, who can’t do a thing wrong in her eyes,” the source said as the engagement rumors swirl, noting that despite Kris’s concerns about her daughter, the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner siblings is “not backing down” when it comes to a prenup.

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“It’s a disaster because Kylie wants to show everyone that their love is real, but all anyone can think is how she’s become a giant ATM to this guy,” the insider continued, claiming that Tyga is allegedly encouraging Jenner not to sign a prenup when and if the couple decides to get married.

“[Tyga] is rubbing his hands together over this latest financial coup,” Radar Online alleged. “[He’s] now pushing to tie the knot earlier, even elope, before her family can talk her out of it.”

Kylie is yet to comment on the rampant reports claiming she’s planning to marry Tyga, although the reports that she has no prenup plans come amid claims from Hollywood Life that revealed that Jenner’s big sister, Kim Kardashian, has been encouraging Kylie to rethink getting married so young.

A source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan claimed that Kim recently sat Kylie down and urged her not to make the same mistakes she made in her late teens. Kim married her first husband, Damon Thomas, when she was just 19-years-old, the same age Jenner is now.

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“Kim is advising Kylie to pump the brakes on an engagement, and urging her not to follow in her footsteps when it comes to getting married at a young age,” the source continued on how Kim is attempting to steer Jenner away from the idea of marrying Tyga so young.

“Kim is proud of everything Kylie has accomplished in life, and has been warning her that she can continue to have a wonderful life and a healthy relationship without being engaged or married to Tyga,” the source added on how Kim feels about Kylie’s relationship with the rapper, who is seven years older than Kylie.

But it sounds like Jenner may not be too interested in Kim’s advice.

“On the one hand, [Kylie] respects Kim and her advice, but on the other, she wants to be free to make her own choices,” the site reported.

Kylie is yet to officially comment on the swirling marriage reports claiming she could be engaged and planning a wedding, although Jenner has gotten candid about marrying Tyga on numerous occasions in the past.

E! News confirmed back in July that Jenner and Tyga have both discussed marriage before and have allegedly talked about the possibility of getting married in the not too distant future.

“Kylie has brought up marriage with Tyga to her friends lately, both jokingly and seriously,” E! News reported earlier this year, shortly after Jenner sent the rumors mill into overdrive after she affectionately referred to Tyga as her husband on social media.

“They are super in love!” the source added about the two, just weeks before Radar Online claimed that Jenner was seriously considering marrying Tyga because she knows being in a committed relationship would help her boyfriend’s chances of growing closer to his son, King. The mother of Tyga’s son is Rob Kardashian’s fiancé, Blac Chyna, which only adds another layer of drama to the situation.

“[Kylie’s] main motivation for wanting to get hitched is to help Tyga, who’s getting hell from Blac Chyna over custody of King,” the site reported about Jenner’s big wedding plans.

What do you think of the reports claiming that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are considering getting married?

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