Man From China Angrily Attacks Wife, Secret Lover After Catching Them In Tryst [Video]

Shocking footage of a China resident exacting physical revenge on both his philandering wife and her lover has made its way online and in turn, gone viral.

As noted by the Daily Star, the begrudged husband, with assistance with two friends, is filmed barging into a hotel room in the Asian country as his wife’s unassuming sexual partner opens the door. The man then grabs his bride’s supposed lover by the throat and, as he yells at him in his native tongue, begins delivering a barrage of hard smacks and punches to the beau’s face.

After the rage-filled groom is done with the lover, he has one of his accomplices hold the guy back as he makes his way to his embarrassed and frightened wife, who is cowering under a sheet on the bed. He then yanks the covering off her nude body and slaps her, several times, as she tries to shield herself from not just his attacks, but her exposed, naked figure from the other men in the room.

As he backs away momentarily, she is able to roll away from him, wrapping the sheet around her form once again. However, the thin cloth is no match for a belt that the man picks up from the corner of the room. Following another hurling of angry words, he begins spanking her with the accessory as he removes the covering once more to ensure that the pain he feels is manifested properly on her bare skin. By that point, one of the man’s friends decides that things have gone too far, and he separates the husband and wife as the video ends.

Please proceed with caution, The Inquisitr readers, as the visual is quite graphic and contains nudity.

Since being uploaded from a Chinese IP address to LiveLeak on Monday, the video clip has amassed nearly 123,000 plays. As of this posting, the identities of the individuals involved are not known, but that hasn’t stopped those who have seen the clip from chiming in with their opinions.

“That was a serious assault,” one user was said to have mentioned, according to The Sun. “Terrible.”

Another sided with the husband somewhat, but added that there was no need for things to get so physical.

“If she’s cheating, then embarrass her and leave,” they expressed. “[There’s] no point in beating anyone.”

Disturbingly, this is not the first time in recent history that a violent domestic occurrence from China has been filmed and noted by the media. As reported by The Sun back in August, three women partially filmed their confrontation with another woman who was said to have had an affair with one of their husbands.

In that clip, which is also extremely graphic, the three scorned ladies discover the supposed mistress on the street after the cheating spouse points her out to his wife. After being pulled to the ground by her shirt, she is repeatedly kicked in her head and chest for three minutes without being helped by anyone. Rumor has it that the attack actually lasted longer than what was seen in the video, and like the parties from the previously mentioned video from China, their identities were never uncovered.

Furthermore, yet another filmed domestic incident; this one not from China, but from Georgia in the United States, caused massive public outrage in late July due to the level of violence it displayed.

As mentioned by The Inquisitr, 16-year-old Nia Green was ruthlessly assaulted and berated by her own mother, Shanavia Miller, after Miller found a risque picture of Nia with her teenage boyfriend. As punishment, Miller streamed herself brutally beating Nia on Facebook’s live app for several minutes. She was never charged for the crime and Green eventually told law officials in the state that she still felt “safe” living with her mother.

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