Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Relationship: How Does It Keep Working?

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have a strong marriage. One that has stood through 34 years amid a host of trying situations. Celebrity relationships are not easy, no relationship is. Rich and poor alike struggle and so Sharon has been graciously forthcoming to discuss how some of these situations, particularly Ozzy’s affair, impacted her emotionally in order to help others.

Sharon Osbourne is always the strong one. It is not only a public perception, it is a perception held by her family, her husband, and her co-workers. Aisha Tyler, who co-hosts with Sharon on The Talk told People, she is impressed with her strength.

“She’s an amazing lady. She’s tough and she’s resilient and she’s also honest and she’s forthcoming.”

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne can be very different from each other, even though their marriage has been built to endure. In many ways, Sharon and Ozzy are complete opposites. Sharon Osbourne is neat, Ozzy is messy and that goes deeper than just housekeeping. Sharon is extremely reliable and that fits well with her business background. The Prince of Darkness, however, is a creative genius and far more complex. Top Synergy has attempted to analyze his psyche and describe him as conflicted by two opposite impulses almost constantly.

“Ozzy Osbourne has two strong impulses that are somewhat at odds with one another but when blended, can be highly creative and productive. On the one hand, there is the dreamer, the gambler, the idealist and the optimist who is full of hopeful confidence, spark, and creative energy. This is the side that believes in magic and endless possibilities. Equally strong, however, is the conservative, practical, adult side that seeks security and stability and needs to be productive in a concrete way.”

Sharon Osbourne is left to deal with the times Ozzy is the dreamer, and part of that is his occasional, maybe more than the occasional, holiday from logic. Emotionally Ozzy needs that in order to stay balanced, but it has to drive his wife absolutely mad.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s differences include their ability to articulate. Sharon Osbourne is extremely articulate, but Ozzy often seems to speak best in riddles, song lyrics, and metaphors. He sees things below the surface of life that make his life experiences harder to explain. He is always aware of multiple ways to perceive the same event and perhaps doesn’t know which perception is most relevant at the time. According to Top Synergy, Ozzy’s cryptic articulations are based in the way he perceives.

“Ozzy Osbourne tends to lack the ability to analyze himself or his life in a detached, objective way. Ozzy feels and experiences but does not necessarily understand or reflect upon his experience, and thus finds it hard to talk about it.”

Ozzy and Jack by Larry Busacca2 c

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne divide tasks in a way that is unique and seems somewhat unfair, but they are assigned according to abilities and strengths. Sharon Osbourne has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Sharon not only manages the family and her own career, she is also the manager for Black Sabbath, her husband’s solo work, and a select few other bands and musicians as well. The Prince of Darkness doesn’t manage things. He creates. He travels with his music. He performs until he is exhausted. He imagines and he dreams, but management isn’t within his scope.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne love each other very much, and for those who say that they two don’t belong together at all, well this husband and wife team prove them wrong every day, because somehow this relationship works. And when it does not, they make it work anyway. Love is a powerful force.

Ozzy Osbourne has been bringing home the bacon for decades, using his creativity, his genius, and quite frankly an inborn nature of being absolutely shocking at times. It is his very unpredictable nature that has made him the Prince of Darkness and the original shock rock star. There is nothing wrong with Ozzy and who he is as a person, but he is different, and Sharon Osbourne is often the shock absorber for his shocks.

Black Sabbath, Ozzy Center Crowning Hmself Prince Of Darkness, once again [Frazer Harrison.Getty Images]

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are powerful together, but many times Sharon does serve as a shock absorber or buffer on both sides. Protecting Ozzy from blaring reality and protecting reality from The Prince of Darkness. In other words, she is like the security guard and secretary for Ozzy’s otherwise occupied creative mind.

Sharon Osbourne shoulders a lot of the responsibility for the people in her life, in addition to her own responsibilities. It was under those conditions, that Sharon had a breakdown last year. Sharon Osbourne explained on The Talk that she really went through a terrible ordeal and had to be hospitalized. She is quoted in the New York Daily Times.

“I knew nothing. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk. I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me. It took me days before I could even speak — I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to eat. I couldn’t keep thoughts in my head. My head was like a whirlpool going round and round and round, and not one thought would stay in.”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne by Kevin Winter 3c

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have an unusual life. Both are brilliant and highly creative people. Sharon Osbourne is a real workhorse in addition and has simply shouldered too much responsibility. Sometimes it is just too much, says Sharon.

“It’s hard enough surviving in this world anyway but when you take on too much, I was doing too much of everything… my brain just totally fused. I just couldn’t cope with anything.”

The greatest Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne question most people have is how Sharon Osbourne can forgive Ozzy’s affairs. It has recently been exposed that there were four other women, in addition to the family hairstylist.

Ozzy Osbourne has apologized, attempted to explain, and will soon be in treatment for his sex addiction. As Black Sabbath’s lead singer, he has been a rock star for decades and his behavior isn’t that unusual. At times during his long career, casual sex with various groupies was more or less expected in those circles along with drug and alcohol abuse, sleep deprivation, a poor diet of drive through food, and long hours on the road, though that is hardly an excuse. Top Synergy explains Ozzy’s point of view this way.

“Having both of these urges [security and risk] can lead Ozzy Osbourne to some internal predicaments, such as: Should I take the safe, well-traveled path that offers me security or one that is unpredictable but offers more freedom and adventure? Is there a way for me to live my dreams rather than simply wish and hope and fantasize about them?”


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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are a really unique couple. Living with Ozzy must be a little crazy for Sharon Osbourne at times. Ozzy is constantly torn between doing the right thing and shocking the world. He has a tremendous compulsion toward the risk taking freedom he enjoyed without censure in his youth.

Remember, he’s the one who relieved himself on a monument at the Alamo and was banned from the site for decades. There was no profit in doing that. Was it just some sort of internal dare? No one knows really, but it is just how he is.

One thing Sharon Osbourne is calculating, though, that no one else can see is the uniqueness of her husband and the powerhouse of a person he really is. Sharon is crazy in love with that person, who is one of a kind. Sharon’s life might be hard, but it is very rewarding and her relationship with Ozzy is one of those rewards, even though it can catch her off guard and be truly shocking. It is her life, with the man she loves.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have a strange relationship that proves not everyone has the same kind of mind and though it drives them to the brink at times, they love each other.

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