Bow Wow Child Support Hearing Prompts Income Questions

Bow Wow faces criticism for allegedly failing to disclose funds from his reportedly lucrative BET deal prior to a child support hearing with baby momma, Joie Chavis. The pair appeared in court on Monday to hammer out exactly how much the hip hop star could afford to pay to help cover the expenses of his 1-year-old daughter, Shai.

After some haggling during the court appearance, Bow Wow reportedly agreed to cough up $3,000 per month to help with the care of his baby, the Examiner notes. While three grand may sound like a lot of money, the math did not add up with the initial income figures the hip hop star reportedly offered to the judge.

According to TMZ, the singer maintained that he made $4,000 per month as an employee of Cash Money Records. Unless the man planned on living extremely frugally, the $1,500 he claimed to have in his checking account and the remaining $1,000 of his monthly income would hardly support a standard existence. Bow Wow also reportedly testified that he drives a leased Jeep.

Once the child support hearing ended, Bow Wow was formally named the host of 106 & Park, a long-running and popular hip hop show, according to TMZ. The rap star allegedly made no mention of the BET position or expected windfall of cash during the court appearance.

Joie Chavis and the rapper are slated to appear in court again in December when the judge rules on a permanent child support order. The magistrate also ordered Bow Wow to pay his former lover $11,500 in back child support for Shai.