First-Grade Teacher Sues City After Student Beats Him Up, Humiliates Him

Queens, NY – Prepare for a story that gets stranger the more you read: A first-grade teacher was beaten up by one of his 6-year-old students, humiliating him so much that he sought professional therapy to cope with the incident’s aftermath.

The first-grade teacher, John Webster, was humiliated when 6-year-old Rodrigo Carpio hurt his knee and ankle during a rampage in April. Carpio stands at 4-feet-2-inches and weighs roughly 50 pounds. Webster is a hulking 250-pound former college running back.

“It’s sort of like an angel-devil sort of thing,” said Webster of his violent first-grade student, Carpio. “[Rodrigo] looks like an angel, but then, all of a sudden, that halo turns into horns. It’s been a nightmare. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating.”

Webster suffered a fractured ankle and injured knee in an incident that he says also resulted in the kicking and pinching of the school’s principal, a security officer and another teacher. Webster was apparently so shaken by the incident that he consulted with a psychiatrist to cope with the stress, and has now filed a lawsuit against the city over his injuries.

Carpio’s parents have scoffed at Webster’s intent to0 file suit. His father told the NY Post that the lawsuit “is totally absurd. How could my little boy do so much damage? My poor son.”

The boy’s mother added: “This is a terrible thing to say [about] a child,” continuing, “I know that he has problems, but he doesn’t deserve to be called such names.”

Incident reports from the school do corroborate Webster’s story, notes MSN. Webster’s lawyer said that the school’s officials were continuously warned of Carpio’s behavior and failed to intervene.

“This kid is clearly a tiny terror,” he said. “It’s sad that teachers like Mr. Webster are not offered protection from someone who can endanger other teachers and students.”

Carpio’s mother said that the boy is much better now after being put on medication to curb his behavior and help him focus.

What do you think? Is little Rodrigo Carpio indeed a “tiny terror?” Is Webster’s lawsuit a bit of an over-reaction? Sound off!

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