‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight From ‘BB18’ House?

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal who gets evicted Wednesday night (Sept. 14) from the BB18 house. There are just four houseguests left in the game after another eviction episode was shown on Tuesday night (Sept. 13). Now, the house is ready to go down to its final three, but not without some added drama about the potential outcomes. The CBS live feeds have displayed a lot that fans want to know as Paul Abrahamian won the latest Head of Household competition to guarantee a spot in the final three.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul decided that his best strategy in the BB18 house was to break up the showmance of Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks. At the blacked out nomination ceremony, Paul put Nicole and Corey on the block, basically also deciding that he would start working with James Huling in a larger capacity. As long as James remained off the block following the Veto competition, he would be joining Paul as a member of the final three houseguests this season.

More Big Brother 18 spoilers came out in the overnight hours once the feeds had been turned back on. Producers took the feeds down so that the “secret” of the Sept. 13 eviction episode wouldn’t get revealed on social media. The plan didn’t work, but it may have stirred up additional interest and caused fans to miss the show while it was dark. Either way, when the feeds came back on, it became obvious that Paul Abrahamian had not only won the HOH competition, but he had also won the Power of Veto.

With the Veto in his possession, Paul has complete control over everything until the official eviction vote takes place. He has already worked out an agreement with James Huling, wherein James will vote according to Pauls’ instructions. James sees this as a tradeoff for getting saved from the block this time around. There is also no requirement that James sticks with the plan when host Julie Chen asks if he wants to evict Nicole Franzel or Corey Brooks on Wednesday night.

So who gets evicted tonight (Sept. 14) from the BB18 house? The latest Big Brother 18 spoilers point to Corey Brooks becoming the eighth member of the BB18 jury. Paul appears ready to go into a final three with James and Nicole next to him, possibly feeling that these two opponents would be easier to defeat in competitions than Corey. It’s possible that he isn’t thinking this through, though, as James and Nicole have proven to be very good when it comes to endurance competitions. Maybe he just wants to out-smart them in the mental competition.

Paul Abrahamian is in a very difficult position when it comes to the final two combinations that could come out of these last four houseguests. It appears unlikely that a scenario exists where someone would choose to sit next to him at the season finale. James Huling and Nicole Franzel will likely pick each other if it comes down to that decision, meaning Paul has to win the final Head of Household competition to guarantee a real shot at winning the $500,000 prize. Does he have enough votes in the BB18 jury to pull it off?

There are just three episodes left in the summer 2016 season with the finale set to air on Wednesday, September 21. That is when the nine members of the jury will get the power back, possibly providing some great television footage as they debate about who should win the cash prize. First, the BB18 house needs to evict someone else, and it appears that Corey Brooks is the one who gets evicted tonight. If the Big Brother 18 spoilers coming from the live feeds are correct, Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling will be the final three this summer.

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