‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Nominations From New ‘BB18’ HOH, Veto Winner Revealed

Big Brother 18 spoilers include who the new HOH has nominated for eviction. The BB18 house had another eviction ceremony displayed on the September 13 episode of the show, putting the season down to its final four contestants. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul Abrahamian won the latest Head of Household competition. This gave Paul the right to decide which two houseguests would be nominated for eviction. It didn’t take place during the taped episode, but when the live feeds came back on Tuesday night, it was clear who was on the block.

The stress that comes for the three houseguests who are not the HOH is that the Power of Veto becomes extremely important. Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, and James Huling all know that they need to win the Veto in order to secure personal safety. Nicole and Corey have a slight advantage because they can protect each other should the Veto land in their laps. For James, he has to hope that he either finds a way to secure the Power of Veto, or that Paul decides to win it and protect him moving forward. This raises the stakes quite a bit.

As for the Big Brother 18 spoilers that everyone is waiting to read about, Paul Abrahamian decided to nominate Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel for eviction. James Huling may not be on the block, but it guarantees nothing as the abridged week continues in the BB18 house. If either Nicole or Corey wins the Veto, then James is going to get voted out and sent to the BB18 jury during the next “live” eviction ceremony. That is scheduled to take place during the Wednesday night episode (September 14) of the show.

The schedule is a bit different for the final houseguests of the summer 2016 season. Though they just had an eviction episode on CBS Tuesday evening, there is going to be another “live” eviction on Wednesday night. That will take the cast to the final three, with everything on the line for the remaining competitors. Paul is the only one who has a guaranteed spot in that final three, but he will likely need to win the final Head of Household competition in order to ensure that he makes it to the season finale as part of the final two.

There are just three episodes left this season, which is why the coming Big Brother 18 spoilers could be very exciting. The winner of the final Veto competition of the season has a lot of power, in addition to guaranteeing that they have a spot in the final three. This is where bold game moves have been made in the past, with the Head of Household often times getting to decide who they want to be part of that final three. Who does Paul Abrahamian want to sit next to him if he makes it to the final two? That will dictate what he would do with the Power of Veto.

Updating the previous information, Paul has won the Veto. Paul appears unlikely to use the Veto in order to break up the duo/showmance. This means that James will be the only person voting at the next eviction ceremony. Will James vote to keep Nicole or Corey as part of the final three houseguests?

The plan that James Huling, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel had of taking each other to the final three went up in flames when Paul Abrahamian decided to win the recent HOH competition. It continued to show how good Paul has been this season when his back was against the wall. If the producers decide to have another Big Brother: All Stars season in the near future, he is certainly someone they will have to consider bringing back. Would he be able to survive another full season with everyone already knowing his game tactics?

The BB18 jury nearly has control of the outcome for this season, with a lot of deliberating in the near future about who should win the $500,000 prize this summer. The latest advertisement for the Wednesday night show depicts an argument/fight between Da’Vonne Rogers and Paulie Calafiore that should make for good television. Stay tuned, fans, because more Big Brother 18 spoilers will likely come from the live feeds overnight, including how the final eviction vote will look.

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