Florida Man Accused Of Pouring Cup Of Semen On Woman At Panera Bread Restaurant

Authorities in Tallahassee, Florida, say that a 28-year-old man, Patrick Bruce, was arrested after he poured a cup of semen on a woman at a Panera Bread restaurant, according to the NY Daily News.

When Bruce reportedly entered the restaurant on Ocala Road on Monday, September 12, he spotted two female students sitting at a table doing homework and began staring at them.

Just shortly after, the two unnamed women told police officials that Bruce sat at a table next to them and continued staring for at least 10 minutes before walking out of the Panera Bread restaurant.

When he returned, he had an empty styrofoam fountain cup in his hand from a local Publix supermarket and walked into the restroom. Not long after Bruce was seen coming out of the restroom, walking towards to the two women.

“Here you go,” said Bruce as he allegedly attempted to pour the content on the woman’s head, but the liquid ultimately landed on her “neck, shoulder, and arm.”

Man allegedly pours semen on woman at Panera Bread restaurant |Image By Wolterk Via iStock Photo

Bruce apologized for spilling his drink on the woman and immediately left the restaurant.

Initially, the woman thought the man poured soda on her, but after examining the liquid, she came to realize that it was semen and began screaming.

The woman, as well as the manager at Panera Bread, chased after the man, but he was able to escape in a black Honda Accord, leaving his cellphone behind.

While rummaging through Bruce’s cellphone, police say the women and the manager stumbled upon a video of him masturbating into a cup in Panera Bread’s restroom.

They immediately notified Leon County police, who was able to track Bruce down through his tag numbers and made an arrest three days later.

The video has since been turned over to police, which is being used as evidence.

Bruce is facing “two charges of battery, indecent exposure, and commission of a lewd and lascivious act,” according to the Tallahassee.

After learning the Tallahassee man reportedly poured a cup of semen on a woman, the act stunned social media users who claimed that they would have “opened the biggest can of whoop a**.”

Toni Thomas, who is a Facebook user, stated that “that is awful. I was just at a café reading and a guy (not an employee) ‘accidentally’ spilled a drink on me – and my book – after I nicely declined to buy a mug from him. He then proceeded to hover around me until I left.

“I was livid to have spent money to enjoy an hour or so of peace and some jerk had to ruin it. These women were just doing their homework, minding their own business, and one gets a cup of semen poured on her? That is obviously so much worse and so messed up. Just makes me mad all over again.”

However, this isn’t the first bizarre incident Bruce has been involved in this year, according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

On July 29 of this year, Bruce was slapped with indecent exposure charges after he reportedly exposed his genitals and rubbed it against a female worker at Cancun’s sports bar on West Tennessee Street.

Afterward, he fled in a black Honda Accord – the same vehicle he was seen driving away in after allegedly pouring semen on a woman at a Panera Bread restaurant.

Florida man allegedly masturbates into Styrofoam cup, pours semen on woman [Image By Kostsov Via iStock]

When police were notified of the incident, they conducted an investigation, but Bruce was not arrested after his mother stated that he suffered from schizophrenia and wasn’t taking his medication.

Police also stated that they didn’t arrest Bruce because the “victim hadn’t noticed the indecent act. She was told by a co-worker who witnessed it.”

In another incident, on August 29, police say Bruce followed a woman, who attends Florida State University, home to her apartment building on West Georgia Street and began “to dance and roll in the grass” near the parking lot” before driving off.

The woman reported the incident to Leon County police and provided them with a photo of Bruce’s vehicle and its tag.

Bruce made his first court appearance Monday morning where “he was ordered to see a mental health expert for a pre-bond screening.”

He is set to make another court appearance on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

[Featured Image by Leon County Sheriff’s Office]

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