The Purpose Hotel Exceeds Kickstarter Goal In Less Than 48 Hours

The Purpose Hotel announced today that its latest Kickstarter campaign goal was met in less than 48 hours, exceeding the goal of $347,000. This means that plans for building the first “1 for 100” benefit hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, is well on its way.

This is actually the second Kickstarter campaign for the project, as the first, a campaign hoping to raise $750,000, failed. But founder Jeremy Cowart has great faith that the full project will reach fruition in due time.

“We are so honored and blown away that the campaign was backed by over 5,000 people at $750,000,” Cowart shared. “We didn’t reach our initial goal which means we get $0, but we have developed quite the buzz on this project. People want it to happen. We didn’t win the Super Bowl, but we made it deep in the playoffs.”

That was the message that Cowart gave just two days ago for the new revised goal. To his surprise, the response in favor of the project exceeded his expectations when nearly 2,000 people joined the relaunched crowd-sourced project. With the new revised plans in place, Cowart and his crew can begin the initial designs and financing of the building.

“The momentum this campaign has is unbelievable. Right out of the gate we had not only return backers, but new ones as well. I’m grateful, humbled and really excited to see where this goes over the next 24 days,” Cowart explained. “This is proof that people care. I’m already hearing stories of people who have been inspired and uplifted by this idea. It’s going to just multiply from here.”

The next phase of the Purpose Hotel is to continue the architectural plans and interior plans for the new building, but that also relies on another $750,000 to also be raised through Kickstarter. Backers have until October 7, 2016, to make a pledge.

The Purpose Hotel products.
These products will be featured at The Purpose Hotel and lives will be enriched because of it.

The Inquistir first wrote about the project last month and explained the proposed hotel’s “1 for 100” benefit model, where a single guest will be able to help 100 live or more just by staying the night at the hotel. Every product used will help support a specific cause or outreach program.

From blankets to specialty soaps to room furniture, a variety of different charities will benefit, including Charity: Water, Compassion International, Dignify, Exile International, Fashionable, Food for the Hungry, HOPE International, International Justice Mission, Legacy Building, Mission Lazarus, Preemptive Love Coalition, Project 615, Project 7, Raven + Lily, People of the Second Chance, The Giving Keys, Thistle Farms, To Write Love on Her Arms, and Zenith Cleaners.

“We’re not just building a hotel chain; we’re innovating a business model that reimagines the hotel concept and allows hundreds of organizations to multiply their efforts and hundreds of thousands to fulfill their purpose — including yours,” said Cowart.


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The Purpose Hotel robe.
The Purpose Hotel robe. (Image via The Purpose Hotel)

For the last 10 years or so working as a celebrity photographer and traveling all over the world, Jeremy Cowart says that his inspiration for building a hotel that gives back was staying at various hotels during his many travels. His dream is to help everyday people “change the world while you sleep” and tackle real-world issues like poverty, clean water, human trafficking, and others.

“No one wants to see a good idea executed poorly, especially one that has a purpose as strong as ours. This idea has been incubated for four years … Much diligence and many resources have been invested to get it to this point. However, we know a concept like this will have numerous challenges to bring it to full reality,” states the Purpose Hotel’s Kickstarter page.

[Image via the Purpose Hotel]