Jennifer Lawrence On Total Detox Because Parents Concerned With Lifestyle Choices, Is The Star Dating Again?

Jennifer Lawrence is said to be on a total detox from all alcoholic beverages which is the avenue she’s taken on the advice of her parents.

Both Lawrence’s mother and father have apparently been extremely concerned with their 26-year-old Academy-award winning daughter’s lifestyle choices and have voiced their opinion to Jen. Karen and Gary Lawrence have since advised the actress to give up booze and to cut down on partying, as well as on her consumption of junk food, according to a source. The star now aims to be fit and is staying away from any bad habits. The said source who is close to the Joy actress even shares that Jen is pretty well vegan because of her parents. The insider spoke with NZ Herald on the topic.

“Jen has been keeping a low profile and staying away from people who could get her into bad habits. She’s on a total detox right now, which means no boozing or partying, trying to cut out junk food and get fit too. They don’t want her to get a reputation, Now she’s been on lots of hikes and there are hardly any marathon drinking sessions anymore.”

As for the star’s dating life, since her on-and-off again relationship with Coldplay front-man Chris Martin fizzled, Lawrence has kept pretty low- profile. Yet, there has been talk that the star has been dating comedian Aziz Ansari, having low-key dates throughout the summer. Although the comedian certainly did put in the effort by traveling 300 miles from New York City to Jen’s production site in Montreal, Canada, where she’s been residing during the filming of a new project. A source told Heat magazine of the relationship between the two.

“He knows she is hesitant to officially date him, so he makes it very easy for her. If it takes two years of being at her beck and call before she realizes she needs him in her life, so be it.”

The source went on to state that although the relationship is not serious as of yet, there is potential, as the publication relays.

“The insider also revealed the two currently are in the ‘friends with benefits’ stage. However, it noted, ‘there’s definite potential for something serious.'”

Jen Lawrence has been working hard in Montreal for months now and experienced drama in the Canadian city while securing a condo to reside in for the 3-month duration she is there filming the latest untitled Darren Aronofsky movie. MTL Blog shared the series of events that led to Jen being evicted for a short time.

“The owners of a condo on the corner of Simpson and Sherbrooke wanted to rent their place to the actress for 3 months, but the building does not allow rental shorter than a year, so the co-owners of the condo filed an injunction to have her evicted. The co-owners of the condo also complained that because Lawrence had a body guard, an assistant, and a driver, they would disturb the peace in the building.”

It has been communicated that the situation has been rectified after a judge took the actresses side in the matter. After the judge saw that there was no need for condo members to fear that Lawrence’s body guards and entourage would cause problems, he ordered that the building go along with allowing the 3-month residency of the notable star, and bend the leasing rules so that Jen can be a part of yet another hit film.

Despite the mentioned rumors about health and habit, Lawrence has not had any problem choosing dynamite films to be a part of and she is still in demand due to her versatility and brilliance on the big screen.

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]