Pet Monkey Placed On House Arrest In Florida

A Florida man’s pet monkey has been placed on house arrest after biting a guy on the shin, Florida Today reports. The 19-year-old Capuchin monkey, who goes by the name of Mookie, will remain at his owner’s place of residence until it can be determined whether or not the animal has rabies. Until then, the shin-biter won’t be allowed to hang out on the beach with all the other cool little monkeys.

Brad Berman’s monkey house arrest blues began when a young couple approached the man and asked if they could pet the animal. Berman agreed to the exchange, and everything started out splendidly. However, all hope for a successful petting session came to an abrupt halt when a passing car startled the little monkey. As a result of its fear of the automobile, the creature bit the young man on the shin.

According to Central Florida News 13, Berman quickly apologized for the monkey’s peculiar behavior. During his 19 years on the planet, Mookie has never bitten anyone before. Unfortunately for Berman and his companion, there’s always a first time for everything.

“For 20 years I’ve been taking him out almost every day,” Berman explained to Florida Today. “To keep him in his cage would be like prison. Which I guess is where he’ll be for the next 30 days.”

Although the pet monkey is currently under house arrest, the animal’s owner isn’t sure what is going to happen to his beloved friend. Despite having a permit from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to keep the monkey in his home, he’s still unsure what consequences might befall the animal as a result of the bite.

Unfortunately for Mookie the monkey, his house arrest is scheduled to last for a total of 30 days. After that time, it’s believed that Brad Berman and his buddy will be able to enjoy the fresh air once again.

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