Hillary Clinton Dying? Latest Viral Hoax Claims Democratic Candidate Suffering From Subcortical Vascular Dementia, Has One Year To Live

Hillary Clinton is not dying, but the newest health hoax surrounding the Democratic candidate claims that she is suffering from a condition called subcortical vascular dementia — one that would leave her with just one year to live.

A number of fake health stories have popped up in recent weeks surrounding Clinton, claiming that she is secretly suffering from a variety of hidden ailments that have her on the brink of death. Past reports have claimed that she is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and early onset dementia. Most have been based on snippets of out-of-context video and on fabricated medical records and not on actual doctor reports.

Of course, Hillary Clinton didn’t help those rumors this weekend when she collapsed after leaving the 9/11 memorial early, with a group of aides dragging her into a van.

Clinton later said that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier but keep it quiet. The diagnosis didn’t do much to calm the conspiracy theories regarding her health, and in fact, there have been some new ones popping up in recent days.

One of the most prominent ones is a YouTube video from a conspiracy theorist claiming that Hillary Clinton is suffering from something called subcortical vascular dementia, which would give her about one year left to live. The video, which has racked up more than 550,000 views, uses brain scans and questionable medical records along with slow motion video of Clinton to claim that she is hiding the very serious ailment.

“Hillary Clinton is running a campaign for president knowing that she will die,” the video claims (via the Santa Monica Observer). “Patients who are diagnosed with vascular dementia are given a three to five year life expectancy. We can see Hillary demonstrating problems with motor movement, with verbal communication, with forgetfulness and weakness.”

The video continues, “Subcortical vascular dementia is an especially difficult form of the disease because it is affects the brain stem, which controls many of the primitive functions of our bodies.”

The author claimed to be a “professor at a medical school” but declined to give her exact credentials because she claimed that “several people who have tried to speak out against Hillary Clinton have been killed.”

The video claiming that Hillary Clinton is dying of subcortical vascular dementia has been debunked by several sources, including an in-depth report from the rumor-busting site Snopes. The site also provided a bit of context to the report, noting that the author appears to have fallen off the deep end with regard to conspiracy theories.

“Unfortunately, we’ve found no clues as to whom this narrator might actually be, although we grew suspicious while perusing other videos on the same YouTube channel — videos with titles such as ‘POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World‘ and ‘Strange Details Behind PRINCE Blood Sacrifice to Baal!! THEY KILLED HIM,’ and realized they all appear to have the same narrator.”

That hasn’t seemed to stem the popularity of the video claiming that Hillary Clinton is dying, as it has been shared across social media and steadily increased views in the five days since it was first published.

While the reports that Hillary Clinton is dying from subcortical vascular dementia are false, the truth is that she has some very real problems for her campaign. The legitimate questions about her health, which are centered more on her lack of honesty regarding her initial health problems than any conspiracy theories, have underscored the questions many voters have about her honesty. In the days after her collapse, Clinton has also seen a less dramatic but still very real collapse in her polling.

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