Is Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Sofia Richie Missing Her Man As His Purpose World Tour Continues?

Is Sofia Richie missing her boyfriend, Justin Bieber?

As Bieber focuses on his Purpose World Tour in Europe, the model has taken to Instagram, where she shared a screenshot of a telling conversation with her brother, Miles.

“When are you back in town laddy?” Miles wrote, according to a report by Hollywood Life on September 14. “I f**king miss ya… Helllloooiooo,” he added in a couple more messages.

“Shmurp… I VAUNT TO SEE U SHLAVE… HELLLOOOOOO,” he continued before finally receiving a reply from Sofia Richie, which read, “Hey.”

In the caption of the screenshot of her conversation, Sofia Richie told fans, “I wish everyone wanted to hang out with me as bad as my brother.”

While Sofia Richie eventually removed the message from her account, Hollywood Life suggested the message was the model’s way of making it know that she’s missing her man, who is currently in Germany where he is expected to perform shows in Berlin, Munich, and Cologne before heading to Paris, France.

Sofia Richie was first linked to the “Cold Water” singer in early August after they were spotted together in Laguna Beach, California. From there, the new couple embarked on a number of trips together, including a visit to Japan and a birthday trip for Sofia Richie in Mexico at the end of last month.

While in Japan, Sofia Richie went public with her romance with Bieber on Instagram and right away, his fans became upset and began to send unkind messages in Richie’s direction. After seeing the hateful comments his fans were sending to his girlfriend, Bieber took a stand against them and said that if they were really his fans they wouldn’t be so mean.

After reading Bieber’s post, which included a photo of Sofia Richie, his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, weighed in on the situation, reminding Bieber that his fans love him and telling him to stop posting photos of his relationship. According to Gomez, some things should be kept private. However, Bieber didn’t appear to agree and after threatening to make his account private, he put Gomez on blast and accused her of using him for attention. In turn, she told fans he had cheated on her many times while they were dating and revealed she had offered him forgiveness.

Things between Sofia Richie’s man and his ex continued on until Bieber reportedly accused Gomez of cheating on him with Zayn Malik and later deleted his account entirely.

While Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber will likely be spending tons of time apart in the coming months as Bieber’s tour is scheduled to continue until late November, Richie may eventually join Bieber on the road for some one-on-one time as he travels Europe.

In other Sofia Richie news, the 18-year-old model’s famous father, iconic musician Lionel Richie, is reportedly on board with her relationship with Bieber, despite Bieber’s questionable reputation with women.

“Lionel Richie adores Justin Bieber! He was skeptical at first because of all the bad press Justin has gotten over the years. He was expecting an entitled brat, but Lionel was pleasantly surprised to find just the opposite,” a source told Hollywood Life earlier this month. “Justin charmed him right off the bat because he’s a huge Commodores fan and he grew up with his dad playing all of Lionel’s solo stuff. Justin’s also a perfect gentleman with [Sofia Richie], at least so far, and Lionel appreciates how Justin put his fans in their place after they were writing nasty comments about her online.”

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]