WWE News: Paige Gets Tattoo Showing Her Loyalty to Alberto Del Rio, Quickly Deletes It from IG

When Paige started her WWE career in NXT, many were amazed by the level of experience she had at such a young age. Her time competing in the U.K. allowed her to earn a contract for the then-development promotion for WWE, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). When FCW transformed to NXT, she became one of the premier women wrestlers for the brand. Nearly a year and a half after gaining a contract with WWE, she became the inaugural NXT Champion, defeating Emma in the tournament finals.

The popularity of Paige did not stop there. In fact, WWE was so confident in her that she became the Diva’s Champion on her main roster debut a day after WrestleMania XXX, defeating AJ Lee.

A little less than three months later, Paige lost the title, starting her heel turn in the process. While she initially made a significant mark on the roster, Paige began a whirlwind of multiple face-heel turns that never gave her the opportunity to create some stability in her character. One place that she did gain some stability was being a feature on the E! series Total Divas, becoming a cast member starting in Season 3. From a relationship perspective, stability was certainly not the case. The show featured both her relationships with Emarosa star Bradley Walden, as well as A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff. Her relationship with Skaff went as far as the two preparing for marriage.

However, Paige began to show reluctance to the engagement, and the couple surprisingly split earlier this year. Rumors then began to spread that Paige became involved with former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, who was previously married and has three children. While many thought that this was going to be another failed relationship that would just be labeled as a fling, Paige has publicly shown her affection of how much she wants it to last.

Paige has been very vocal about her feelings towards Alberto Del Rio throughout social media. This summer, there were many reports circulating that Alberto Del Rio’s second WWE run was coming to a close. More reports manifested that WWE was intentionally trying to separate the couple, which is why Paige was drafted to Raw and Del Rio to SmackDown. However, this did not shake Paige’s commitment, as she went to social media once again to show her dedication.


Just recently, WWE announced that Del Rio was officially gone from the company. Paige’s dedication to this relationship left many wondering whether she would soon follow her boyfriend and also leave the company. Seemingly, this is the case, as it appears she has no desire to return to WWE, currently negotiating her release.

Just recently, Paige has yet again added another layer to her public affection and loyalty to her relationship with Del Rio. While the post is now deleted, it did not take long for the media to capture the image of her getting “Alberto” inked on her body with the post reading, “When you love someone so much you give it all for. Not the expression, no literally give it all for.”

Seemingly, Paige is relentless about her devotion to Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez. Admitting on an episode of Total Divas that she has problems with maintaining relationships, which became evident with her two recent breakups, her public expressions have shown over the past four months that she desires to be in this for the long haul, defying those who do not believe it will last.

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