Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Won’t Be Voting For Obama [Video]

President Obama has received endorsements from high profile celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Lion, and Bill Clinton. Mitt Romney has seen support from Clint Eastwood, Jenna Jameson, and George. W. Bush. But we all know that there’s only one endorsement that really matters. Scott Stapp, the frontman for the band Creed, announced today that he was revoking his support for Obama.

Stapp appeared on Fox Friends to make his shocking announcement.

Stapp said that he voted for President Obama in 2008 because he believed that Barack would be able to turn America around. The singer says that Obama made a lot of promises and didn’t follow through during his first term as President.

Stapp said:

“For me, it’s hard to commit and to trust President Obama again because I was so inspired and thought everything was going to change … I just found his – in my opinion — his Administration ineffective … A lot of promises but no real delivery.”

Stapp is clearly unhappy with Obama’s presidency but that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to cast his vote for Mitt Romney. The singer said that he liked Romney but believes that the GOP candidate has to give more details about his plans for the economy.

Here’s the video of Scott Stapp on Fox Friends.

Do you agree with Scott Stapp? Are you confused as to why the Creed frontman was on Fox Friends to give his political opinion?