Will Bernie Sanders Replace Hillary Clinton Over Health Problems? DNC Emergency Meeting Talks Joe Biden, Tim Kaine And Ignores Bernie

Will Bernie Sanders replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, now that the presumptive nominee’s health problems (including a potential seizure by Hillary) are starting to become an issue? Based on a DNC emergency meeting, the answer to that question appears to be, “No,” as any talk within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) about a replacement nominee is focusing on Joe Biden and Tim Kaine, not Bernie Sanders.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, reports began swirling this week of an emergency meeting among top DNC staffers to discuss Hillary Clinton’s obviously declining health, and the possibility of a replacement nominee should she become too sick to continue or even dies before the election.

Whether or not such a meeting has happened, or ever will happen, is not clear. But at least one top DNC operative, former DNC Chairman Don Fowler, is urging Democrats to put a plan in place, sooner rather than later, to come up with a replacement nominee for Clinton should her health fail, Politico reported on Monday.

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Don Fowler, former head of the DNC in the 1990’s. [Photo by Beth A. Keiser/ AP Images]

“It’s something you would be a fool not to prepare for. She better get well before she gets back out there because if she gets back out there too soon, it might happen again.”

So whom would the Democrats put up as a replacement nominee if Clinton withdraws or dies before the election? The answer to that question depends almost entirely on whom you ask.

Elaine Kamarck, a two-decade veteran of the DNC Rules Committee, says it’s “wide open.” But an Al Jazeera America journalist, citing an unnamed source, says that Democratic eyes are looking at Joe Biden.

Putting up Biden as a replacement nominee presents several problems for the Democrats. First, Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, would be the more obvious choice, considering he would be Vice President and, thus, a heartbeat away from the Oval Office should Clinton get elected. Second, the second-place finisher to come out of primary season for the Democrats was neither Joe Biden nor Tim Kaine; it was Bernie Sanders. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Biden probably doesn’t want the job.

clinton sanders heatlh
Joe Biden does not want to be President of the United States. [Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images]

Speaking to CNN in January 2016, Biden made it clear that he “regrets every day” that he didn’t enter the race for president when he had the chance. But, he says, he had to do what was best for his family, who were mourning the death of Joe’s son, Beau Biden, from cancer.

“I regret it every day, but it was the right decision for my family and for me. And I plan on staying deeply involved.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, for her part, insists that her health issues have been blown out of proportion by some within the media. Although past presidents like JFK and Ronald Reagan have covered up serious medical problems, she claims she is neither sick, nor dying, nor dropping out of the race anytime soon.

Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s doctor since 2001, released a statement in 2015 that her patient had only minor health problems. No mention of a purported Hillary Clinton seizure was made, according to CNN.

“Mrs. Clinton is a healthy 67-year old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidiam and seasonal pollen allergies.”

Bardack says that Clinton’s recent apparent health issues, which included a coughing fit at a recent campaign stop, followed by a fainting spell on Sunday, are the result of pneumonia. Bardack says Clinton will be back to her old self again after antibiotics and rest.

Do you believe the Democrats should name Bernie Sanders as a replacement nominee for Hillary Clinton in light of her apparent health problems?

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