'American Horror Story' Spoilers: Jessica Lange Returning In Season 6?

Amanda Lynne

American Horror Story Season 6 will kick off this week, and so much is still unanswered about the new season. Rumors have been flying about the possible theme for the new set of episodes, and even casting. Some fans are hopeful that the secrecy involved could mean that actress Jessica Lange will return.

According to Bustle, American Horror Story Season 5 was beloved by fans. Lady Gaga gave a stellar performance as The Countess in Hotel. The role even landed her a Golden Globe Award. However, there was a little something missing, and that was actress Jessica Lange, who had become the face of the franchise before deciding to leave after Season 4's Freak Show.

Since Lange's exit announcement, fans have been keeping their fingers crossed that she would one day return, whether in a starring role or something a bit smaller. Previously, Jessica revealed that she would consider returning if the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, wrote a small part that she was interested in.

"If Ryan [Murphy] came to me and said, 'Would you want to do a small character for a couple episodes?' I would absolutely say yes if I liked it."

Unfortunately for American Horror Story fans, it doesn't seem like a return is in the cards for Jessica Lange, at least not in Season 6.

"I had four years with that, four seasons, and each year was a marvelous character. Everything changed from one year to another which made it very interesting to me. But no, I think sometimes you come to the end of something and it has had its natural [end]."

Meanwhile, fans are still trying to figure out what the theme for Season 6 of the creepy FX series will be. The network and the stars of the show have done an excellent job of keeping it a secret. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been a few hints about the upcoming episodes, but nothing concrete. Fans can't seem to figure out the theme, which will seemingly be revealed during Wednesday's season premiere.

Perhaps the biggest clue about Season 6 of American Horror Story comes from leaked set photos originally posted by TMZ. The photos feature a 16th-century farm and a tree with the word "Croatoan" carved into it. This hints at the lost colony of Roanoke. In Season 1, the character Billie Dean Howard revealed that a Native American chief vanished the ghosts of the Roanoke settlers with a curse and that the word "Croatoan" was used to seal the spell.

Since fans know that all seasons of American Horror Story are supposed to be linked somehow, it looks like Roanoke could be the main plot line for Season 6. However, viewers can also expect some time jumping and the presence of children during the upcoming episodes. Because children have been confirmed to be a big part of the new season, some fans are wondering if the Antichrist baby born in Season 1 may make another appearance. A popular theory is that the colonists' disappearances were a result of a demonic cult, which could still be active int he present time.

Whether Jessica Lange returns to American Horror Story or not, fans will see have an amazing cast such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett to carry the storyline.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story Season 6 spoilers? Do you want Jessica Lange back on the show?