If Hillary’s Health Forces Her To Drop Out, Here’s What Will Happen

Hillary’s health just became a major campaign issue on Sunday, Sept. 11, when she was forced to leave a memorial due to “overheating.”

It was later revealed that Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for Nov. 8, was suffering from pneumonia, bringing new fears to the forefront as to the quality of her health.

On Monday, Clinton’s episode was trending on Twitter in a variety of different hashtags, one of which focused on the farfetched possibility the campaign was using a body double to portray that Clinton is in better shape than she is.

Radio personality and certified medical physician Dr. Drew Pinsky recently raised concerns about Clinton’s health based on the cocktail of medicines she was prescribed, claiming he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her healthcare.”

He drew fire for his remarks and some have speculated that HLN canceled his series as part of the fallout, per the Washington Post. But with Sunday, Pinsky and others who’ve raised questions of Hillary’s health seem to be vindicated.

In fact, commentator Cokie Roberts earlier this week said there are murmurings among Democrats at this point that Hillary’s health may cause her to drop out of the election altogether.

“It’s taking her off of the campaign trail,” Roberts said on Monday morning, Sept. 12, adding that some in the Democratic party are “very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.”

If Hillary’s health does force her out, it could turn attention to people like Vice President Joe Biden, but Roberts also noted the possibility is still a farfetched one.

“I think it’s unlikely to be a real thing. I’m sure it’s an overreaction about an already-skittish party,” she said in comments on NPR Morning Edition (hat tip to Mediaite for the transcription).

So what would the most likely scenarios be for Democrats if Hillary’s health forces the party to pick a replacement?

Unlikely: Tim Kaine takes over and picks a VP.

Kaine is seen by many as a safe and “boring” candidate. While there are few (if any) skeletons in his closet at this point, he isn’t seen as having the charisma to top a major party ticket at this point, and his early shots at Trump have shown a candidate ill-prepared to butt heads with the Donald’s abrasiveness.

Somewhat likely: Bernie Sanders rises from the ashes.

Sanders is still well-liked among most in the Democratic party. The platform even adopted many of his ideas heading into the Democratic National Convention. If he took up the nomination, that could win back a lot of support that Clinton has been unable to solidify after a bitter primary fight.

The problem with this: most Americans are uncomfortable with socialism and vital independent voters could venture toward Trump as the lesser of two evils. Also, Sanders has already lost one election. It’s unlikely the Democratic party establishment would want to support another try.

Most likely: Joe Biden steps up.

Some feel Joe Biden could be the perfect antidote to Donald Trump. After all, his boss’s approval rating is currently at 50 percent. However, Trump would likely win back some support from the establishment of his own party if Biden were to receive the nod because Biden would pretty much be a third term of Obama, and as divided as the GOP currently is, it’s firmly in agreement with its opposition to the President.

There is still some question, however, as to Biden’s willingness to take the nomination. It certainly could have been his had he chosen to run, but with the death of his son and the wind-down on an embattled eight years against Republicans, it’s easy to see why he didn’t.

If Hillary’s health does force her out, it’s clear the Democratic party has options. But what do you think, readers? Did the recent health scare for Mrs. Clinton shift this race into Trump’s hands? Sound off in the comments section below.

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