British Man Gets His Head Stuck In A Bin Looking For His Hat

A man who got his head stuck inside a bin while trying to retrieve his hat in Aberdeen Scotland has become an internet sensation. William Middleton has even had the nickname “bucket heid” given to him after a photograph of his ordeal did the rounds online.

Firefighters cut him free on Sunday with the 53-year-old soon explaining, “I couldn’t get my head out. It was shocking. It was stinking. I’m now known as bucket heid. I was looking for my hat. I was stuck for about 20 minutes.”

According to one of the Scot’s close friends, it was still clearly evident that Willy was the one stuck inside the bin, with an unnamed witness stating that, “I walked around the corner and saw his walking stick on the ground and his bum sticking out and said ‘that’s Willie’. Me and my pals tried to pull him out but his ears were stuck.”

Occurring on Aberdeen’s Justice Street, the homeless man was only stuck in the disposal unit for 15 minutes, but it was enough time for a passer-by to capture a photograph of Willie being indisposed.

A local man stated that Willie was really screaming and shouting for help, but, instead, people just seemed to laugh and take pictures of him. However, bloggers seem to have been more sympathetic and condemned those individuals who didn’t assist him.

Willie was taken to hospital for a check-up and provided with oxygen before being released and can now be mentioned in the same breathe as the man who set his house on fire microwaving his underwear.

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