‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Victor Says Goodbye And Final HOH Is Played

Big Brother 18 will be wrapping up next Wednesday night. The season finale will feature all of the houseguests this season, even the ones who were evicted before making it to the jury house. They were able to watch the season play out on television and experience the backstabbing and game plays live. The jury will also have a debate about the final three left and give reasons for and against why each of them should be the winner of Season 18.

Right now, James is on his own in the BB house. Corey and Nicole kept him safe this week, but if he ends up winning the Head of Household (HOH) tonight, he may not return the favor. It appears that the final four will be “NiCorey” (Nicole and Corey), Paul, and James. The feeds are down right now for the taped eviction. Victor will be headed to the jury house next. With so much at stake, Paul and James have decided to work together against “NiCorey.” In fact, they spent much of last night bonding while the other two were in another room doing adult things.

This is the point in the Big Brother game where things get boring on the live feeds. According to Jokers Updates, James talked about how at this point, all of the live feeders have likely abandoned ship. There is little to no drama, and most of the houseguests sleep the days away. As of now, there are just nine more days for them in the BB house. The next HOH is huge, and it is likely that either James or Paul will be able to win it. Corey is the reigning HOH and will not be able to play in the final battle. After the next eviction happens, there will be a three-part HOH to determine who will be headed into the final two.

There is plenty of debate right now about who does and does not deserve to win Big Brother. “NiCorey” has a fan base pulling for them to make the final two. Their showmance has been highly publicized. A lot of adult activities between them have happened on the live feeds, and that has caused a lot of judgment and rumors. In fact, there was talk about a possible “NiCorey” baby after she let it slip that she hasn’t had a full period since entering the house. This would be a huge scandal and the first BB baby conceived in the house.

The Big Brother live feeds will be down until the eviction airs. This means there won’t be much information available about what is happening in the house. When they return, the new HOH will be revealed along with the nominations. According to what has been discussed, Victor is all but confirmed as gone and the four remaining will be battling out for the HOH soon. Paul has the advantage over the two he is competing against, especially if it is something to do with numbers or remembering house events from the summer.

After what has seemed like an extremely long summer, the Big Brother houseguests are almost ready to return to society. The season finale airs next Wednesday, and the new winner will be crowned. America’s Favorite Player will also be awarded that night. The final five houseguests all have a shot at winning it, though some more than others. It will be interesting to see how the final HOH will play out and who the nominations will be. BB fans are debating who will nominate who, but nothing is for certain except for Nicole keeping Corey safe if she manages to win the HOH this time.

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