‘Big Brother 18’ Rumor: Could There Be A ‘NiCorey’ Baby On The Way?

Big Brother 18 has been pretty quiet since Paulie Calafiore was evicted. The drama has been minimal, and the houseguests are pretty calm on the live feeds. A lot of sleeping happens, and that makes for a pretty boring ending to the season. There are three duos left in the BB house, and this week, one of them will be split up.

James and Natalie will be sitting as the nominees for Thursday’s live eviction. It appears that Natalie will be voted out, but James still could be out the door if there is a last-minute change of heart. Nicole and Corey are going to be the deciding vote as they always vote together. In fact, NiCorey (Nicole and Corey) does everything together.

Nicole has always been shy in the Big Brother house. When she was in her showmance with Hayden, there were boundaries. This time with Corey, she has none. The two were caught getting frisky under the covers more than once on the live feeds. Knowing that her mother is likely watching hasn’t stopped Nicole from eagerly pursuing Corey.

According to Jokers Updates, Nicole was telling Corey she had not gotten her period in over 80 days. This has sent rumors spiraling out of control all over various social media platforms. Could Nicole be pregnant? While it is a possibility, there has been some talk about her having some issues with her cycle. Unfortunately, since she is in the BB house, she cannot explain her situation. If there is a chance she could be pregnant, this would be the first child conceived during filming that is known.

As of now, Brendon and Rachel have the only official Big Brother baby. The two met in the house and eventually got married and welcomed a daughter. Jeff and Jordan are currently expecting a little boy, which was just announced a few days ago. After 17 completed seasons and another one almost ready to close, it looks like this season could be one for the record books.

Fans are interested to see how this plays out. Nicole has been moody and emotional over the last few days. It is understandable because the game is high stress. The half-million dollar prize is enough to put anyone over the edge. Nicole finished seventh on her season, and it looks like she will finish in fifth place or better. Big Brother isn’t an easy game to play, and it could have messed with her body in a big way.

The likelihood of Nicole being pregnant is slim. Big Brother would have her seeing a doctor and possibly have to pull her from the game due to increased risks to the pregnancy. When she talked with Corey about it, he seemed uninterested. He has already told Victor that outside of the house, he isn’t interested in anything with Nicole.

Things in the house haven’t been the same, and they will continue to change from here. In roughly two weeks, the finale will air. The final two will have to face the jury members and plead their case about why they deserve to win. Nicole has a shot at getting to the final three, but the final two will prove to be more difficult. If “NiCorey” splits up and someone is sent to the jury house, her world would end. She is completely dependent on Corey for attention all the time. Nicole rarely has been seen without Corey expect in those special moments where they use the bathroom or do their diary room sessions.

Rumors are going to swirl through the Big Brother house. It is a part of the game, and sometimes they are purposely leaked to the media to boost popularity. The ratings are good, and the show has been renewed for two more seasons. This season wasn’t perfect, but it was better than some of the earlier ones that were uneventful. There has been no update on the feeds about Nicole and her menstrual cycle, but if she is concerned, a doctor visit can easily be made by production.

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