Hillary Clinton’s Medical Episode: What Was The Metal Thing That Fell Out Of Her Pants?

At the 9/11 commemorative ceremony in New York on Sunday, most of the focus went somewhere other than the victims and survivors. When Hillary Clinton had her medical episode and was rushed away from the ceremony to her daughter’s apartment, concerns about her health were raised. At the same time, many conspiracy theorists started talking about a body double. Now, everyone wants to know what that metal thing was that fell out of her pants.

On Sunday morning, Clinton started to leave the ceremony in New York as she wasn’t feeling very well. Upon approaching a vehicle, her knees buckled, and she began to fall before being held up by staff members. Clinton was then ushered into a vehicle, which took her to her daughter’s place to rest.

BBC News reports that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was “recovering nicely” after hydrating and that all was fine. She made an appearance later on Sunday afternoon and canceled a campaign trip to California due to her sickness. However, others are reading much more into all this.

While some conspiracy theories have said that Clinton’s emergence in New York later on Sunday was the work of a lookalike or double, there’s something else that many are wondering about.

As videos began to emerge of the Democratic presidential nominee, everyone started to analyze it and then overanalyze it. Some believed that she actually passed out and was being held up by her staff, but there was also the issue of the metal object.

The Conservative Treehouse reported that something, which looked like a metal object, fell out of her right pant leg as her knees buckled. Different angles of Clinton getting into the vehicle show that it appeared more serious than just a “fainting spell,” but it also is what helped some notice the piece of metal.

At first, it’s quite difficult to see. Once the camera is zoomed in on the footage, it is clearly obvious that a shiny metal-looking type object falls from her pants right at the 32-second mark.

Closer inspection shows that it is a “tubular-shaped” metal object falling out of her right pant leg right before she collapsed and was moved into a vehicle.

Heavy reports that some have claimed to hear a metallic sound when the object hit the ground. Some Donald Trump supporters on Reddit assumed that Clinton wears leg or hip braces, but that she has been hiding them from the public so that no one knows what bad shape she is truly in.

There is no concrete basis or confirmed truth to those claims.

Of course, there are other suggestions such as she dropped her keys or that Hillary Clinton is actually a robot. Regated went out to the scene of Clinton’s medical episode and looked for any clues regarding the metal object but found nothing.

A black SUV did show up at one point, and a few people got out of the vehicle in the same spot and looked around as well. They attempted not to gain attention as they checked out the area, and they may not have even been related to her campaign, but it was quite odd.

Law enforcement said that Secret Service does typically sweep any area they were in to check for items that may have been left behind.

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In the grand scheme of things, this may mean absolutely nothing. It could be a pocket watch, a pen, a business card case, a quarter, or any number of things. Still, it happened, and that means the world is going to talk about it.

The numerous reports about Hillary Clinton and her medical episode at the 9/11 ceremony have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. Many are wondering if she is competent and healthy enough to possibly serve as President of the United States. Others are wondering if she used a body double to return on Sunday and calm fears. Others simply want to know about the metal object that fell out of her pants when her knees buckled, but the world may never know.

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