‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden And Franco Strike A Deal, Morgan Spirals Further, And Julian’s Trial Begins

Things on General Hospital this week are going to be good. So much has happened in Port Charles and lives will be changed forever. With a serial killer on the loose and the police and hospital staff clueless, there is going to be another death. In fact, this death is going to rock the city deeper than any of the others.

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After months of waiting and speculating, it was finally confirmed that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) are half-sisters. They share the same father, and there are some rumors that Jeff Webber may be headed back to Port Charles in the wake of Elizabeth’s dire condition. General Hospital writers are known for rewriting history, and that is exactly what happened for Hayden to be woven into the canvas after signing a contract with the show.

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It appears that despite the help Elizabeth needs to save her life, Hayden isn’t willing to donate her blood to save her “enemy.” According to We Love Soaps, Franco (Roger Howarth) will cut a deal with Hayden for her to give up the blood needed to save Elizabeth’s life. Since the diamonds are what she is truly after, Franco is willing to get them from his lady love and give them to Hayden in return for her blood donation. If this transaction works, everyone will be pleased, and no one will be facing jail time. The only hiccup in the process here is Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) knows Elizabeth had something to tell her just before she was attacked. Will this be an issue or will it all disappear to the wayside like some of the other stories the writers seem to have let go?

Morgan (Bryan Craig) is spiraling out of control. He believes that going to school is going to help him advance in life. Currently, he is in a manic state because Ava (Maura West) stole his pills and switched them out. It is unclear what she actually gave him but if it is anything that harms him, she will be a sitting duck. Sonny (Maurice Benard) is already suspicious of Ava, especially since she has been hanging around the coffee shop. Once he catches wind that she messed with Morgan’s medication and is the reason for his spiral, nothing will be able to save her.

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Julian’s (William deVry) trial begins this week, and it isn’t looking promising. General Hospital fans have been voicing their disgust for the way the writers have written him into being a bad guy. “Julexis” (Julian and Alexis) has been a popular couple for years, and social media isn’t letting anyone forget that. Ava has Paul (Richard Burgi) right where she wants him. She knows he is the General Hospital serial killer and will tell the world if he doesn’t make sure Julian goes free. Meanwhile, Sonny is doing everything he can to ensure he stays locked up for the horrible things he has done, including murdering Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan).

A lot will be happening in Port Charles this week. It appears that a budding romance between Hayden and Finn (Michael Easton) is in the works. They have an interesting chemistry about them and some fans want to see just how far it will go. Since he has stuck by her side when she was accused of pushing Elizabeth down the stairs, he is seeing the good in her that no one else manages to see on their own. As General Hospital moves closer toward November sweeps, things are going to get more complicated and intense for the residents of Port Charles.

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