5 Ways Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Mentally Scarred Us Forever

It’s been barely a week since pop singer Taylor Swift dumped British actor Tom Hiddleston. It all feels like a blur. Barely a couple of weeks ago, the duo was insisting that their love affair wasn’t a publicity stunt. Throughout their brief love affair, Swift and Hiddleston went to great lengths to display what they hoped looked like true love.

And so it ultimately went down in a way that left some of us mentally scarred for life. Even though love is dead, the memories rise from the grave thirsty for blood. As we barricade ourselves into our homes, let’s look back on a few moments of “Hiddleswift” that we’ll never forget. No matter how much we may really want to.

Rhode Island: Photo-Op? What Photo-Op?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston stunned the world when exclusive photos debuted via The Sun. The moment was meant to unveil a new “it” couple. Except, that’s not exactly what happened. Perhaps if the duo were spotted out and about a few times before the paparazzi photo shoot, it would have felt a bit more authentic.

It should have worked out. The two were awkwardly hugging on a beach. Isn’t that romantic? Well…

Apparently not. The photos came across as staged, and it was the beginning of a three-month long quest to prove Tom and Taylor weren’t a fake couple

Awkward Dancing

A few weeks before Swift and Hiddleston made it official, a video clip circulated of the two dancing together at the 2016 Met Gala. That was, according to Us Weekly, the night when sparks flew. Yes, because few things bring people together like dancing like nobody’s watching.


It was probably the least offensive moment on this list. That is until you realize this was supposedly what triggered three months of cringe-worthy photos.

A Marriage Proposal? Seriously?

This one is entirely Tom Hiddleston’s fault. He was with Taylor Swift for barely a month before marriage talk began to circulate. Gossip sites like Celebuzz mentioned marriage and Hiddleston wanting to propose in a romantic manner. Keep in mind that these “rumors” are circulating alongside the loud questioning of whether or not “Hiddleswift” was some sort of PR Frankenstein’s monster.

Tom Hiddleston could have politely squash those rumors. He needed only to say, “I adore Taylor Swift, but we’re not ready for that level of commitment.” With Taylor Swift dumping him in a way that suggested he wanted too much too soon, the marriage rumors seem to validate her point.

Of course, in retrospect, one has to wonder: Would tying the knot have put those fake relationship rumors to bed for good?

The “I <3 T.S.” Shirt


The first and last question that springs to mind when we consider THAT shirt.

With one shirt, Hiddleswift may have permanently cemented their “PR love affair” status. It’s hard to believe they had any intention of being taken seriously. It takes a lot to upstage the Shakespearean hand kissing.

But perhaps the most hilarious thing about it? Tom Hiddleston can literally say, “I dated Taylor Swift, and all I got was this lousy shirt.” He likely won’t get the James Bond role he was after. According to Metro, the connection to Taylor Swift — and the way they went about validating their relationship, made him look bad.

There’s a certain hipness factor and sex appeal that comes with men chosen to portray Agent 007. If Hiddleston did knock himself out of the running, I’m going to bet it happened when the infamous “I <3 T.S.” shirt appeared.

What about you: What memories of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s short-lived love affair are you hoping to forget? Share your thoughts below!

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