Woman Mom-Scolds A Terrified Bear Off Her Deck [Video]

We all know the “mom tone.” It puts the fear of God into even the coldest among us. But how does mom-scolding fare in the animal kingdom? Pretty well, according to a new viral video in which a woman shoos a bear off her deck.

A woman only known as “Nishanto” faces down a bear and lives to tell about it in a video uploaded to YouTube a few days back. The video, titled “The Bear Meets Nishanto,” has already gotten about 300,000 views as of this posting, and, after watching it, you’ll understand why.

In the video, a pretty large black bear curiously saunters through Nishanto’s back yard, working its way up to the porch. Whoever is taping the video apparently knows what’s coming, announcing “Nishanto, the bear’s here!” The bear slowly makes its way up the steps to the deck, when a seemingly meek looking woman — the titular Nishanto — emerges fearlessly from a screen door.

There isn’t a second’s pause, no beat of fear, in this lady’s walk. She pushes through the screen door like this type of thing happens all the time. Like she heard “Nishanto, the bear’s here!” and thought “Not on my watch” instead of the more rational “HIDE!”

At this point, she screams at this bear to get down off the porch and shoos him off with the mom-finger. The bear immediately jolts and starts to back down, eventually retreating away from the frustrated woman.

I don’t know if Nishanto is fearless or just plain frustrated with bears digging up her petunias, but, for some reason, I sleep better at night knowing she’s out there.

Here’s the video: