‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 1: The Timeline [Video]

American Horror Story on FX is just about to debut Season 6 this month, but for fans of the show, it has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy all summer long. That has not been without its teases, though, since the producers of AHS and network executives for FX have been releasing what’s been termed as “false teasers” that have the theme hidden within one of them.

Now, with the debut of Season 6 of American Horror Story coming up this Wednesday, the FX show is preparing to bring all of its fans to the true premise for the season, as well as the final tie-ins for all other seasons of AHS.

What we know the most about the first episode of American Horror Story Season 6 is that it is going to start off with multiple time periods and the theme will tie-in to all, according to TV Guide. There is also some potential that this year could be the first time that American Horror Story could use a major science fiction theme, which could be time travel, aliens (also used on AHS Season 2) or possibly even a Stephen King story or two.

For fans of American Horror Story as well as Stephen King, the possibility of having some of his brilliant material presented on American Horror Story is perhaps one of the most thrilling prospects for Season 6 of the show. Not only is Stephen King notably the most suitable name that the show embodies, he is the most well-known novelist in the world, not to mention that he writes horror fiction.

For Stephen King material to make it into Season 6 of American Horror Story, that is perhaps the most pure form of the titular series to date. Stephen King is an American horror novelist who has written over 50 novels in the genre, every one of them a bestseller and a worldwide phenomenon. Most of Stephen King’s material takes place in his home state of Maine, but some have veered away and taken place in Colorado and California, among a handful of other locales.

There have been a few American Horror Story Season 6 teasers that have hinted at a Stephen King theme this year, but only one that truly reigns supreme for it. That would be the Season 6 American Horror Story teaser that features the creepy children and the corn stalks. Can anyone say, Children of the Corn?

That American Horror Story Season 6 teaser was perhaps the most telling of all of them. But it is only one of the American Horror Story Season 6 teasers that holds the true theme for this year. So our fingers are crossed for Stephen King to finally get his due diligence for being the biggest and most natural embodiment of the titular series.

There are also some other key topics that need to be addressed for Season 6 of American Horror Story. First of all, the premiere date. FX has pushed AHS back from its normal premiere date to September 14, which is much earlier on the fall TV premiere season than it usually debuts. They have also announced that it will run for 10 episodes, instead of the standard 12. That may have some AHS fans angry, but that could also be a good sign. There has been talk that American Horror Story will be getting two seasons this year, which would include a fall and spring season. That means that fans could be treated to 20 episodes in Season 6 of American Horror Story.


Tune in to American Horror Story this Wednesday on FX and find out.

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