Jessica Runions Last Seen With Man Connected To Other Missing Woman’s Case

Authorities in Missouri are looking for Jessica Runions. The missing 21-year-old woman was reportedly last seen at a party but has since vanished, leaving her family worried about her welfare. Now there are disturbing developments in the search for the missing woman, but what actually happened to her?

New York Daily News reports that the vehicle belonging to the missing woman has been located in Kansas City — approximately two days after she vanished. To make matters worse, the vehicle was found “burned out,” indicating that it has been destroyed as part of a criminal act. However, this detail isn’t the one that is attracting the most attention from the public. In fact, it’s who she was last seen with that has people wondering what happened to the missing woman.

Jessica Runions’ aunt, Michele Runions, has told media reporters that Jessica was last seen with a man named Kylr Yust — the best friend of her boyfriend. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Kylr Yust is connected to the unsolved disappearance of another young woman.

Kara Elise Kopetsky disappeared on May 4, 2007 from the town of Belton, Missouri — which is located approximately a half hour away from Kansas City. The 17-year-old Missouri teen had gotten a restraining order against her former boyfriend very shortly before her disappearance. That former boyfriend is none other than Kylr C. Yust. The teen had claimed, at the time, that he had “kidnapped” her and drove her around in his vehicle against her will after waiting outside her place of employment. This reportedly took place just about a week before her unsolved disappearance.

Kylr Yust passed a polygraph test in association with the investigation behind Kara’s disappearance. He also had an alibi on the night that she was last seen. However, this hasn’t ever stopped rumors from circulating that he may have had something to do with her disappearance. Also, he has been arrested more than once since Kara’s disappearance and has even been convicted of domestic violence-related charges. He has also been arrested on accusations that he kills cats.

It’s been is more than nine years since Kara Kopetsky vanished, and authorities in Missouri are investigating the disappearance of another woman connected to Kylr Yust. Could this all just be coincidence, or is Kylr Yust a character that authorities need to further investigate?

It should be noted that authorities have yet to name a person of interest or suspect in the disappearance of Jessica Runions, nor have they publicly commented on any similarities between her case and the unsolved disappearance of Kara Kopetsky. Meanwhile, mainstream media reports are not shying away from the connections drawn between Kopetsky’s and Runions’ disappearances. The same can be said about folks on social media, who are fixated on the disappearances of these two Missouri women.

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