Liam Neeson Hangs Out With Coco Austin At Jets Game

Liam Neeson is an Oscar-winning actor known for his portrayal of historical figures like Oskar Schindler and Michael Collins, but when the Taken 2 star went to a New York Jets game he ended up palling around with Coco Austin, a woman known for racy photos online and a ‘”generous rear end.”

Austin tweeted the photograph of her unlikely friend at the game, the Daily Mail reported.

“Ran into Liam Neeson at Jets game.. he is an awesome actor, Love him!!” Tweeted the petite glamor model, with what appears

Coco Austin’s Liam Neeson tweet is a bit different from her normal activity on Twitter, the Sun noted. She is known for posting up-close pictures of her body, including “Thong Thursdays.”

Both Coco Austin and Liam Neeson have some big projects this week. Austin, the star of Ice Loves Coco, announced that she’s filling in for pregnant former Playmate Holly Madison in the Las Vegas state performance of Peepshow.

Liam Neeson just attended the American Theater Wing’s Annual Gala in New York , showing up with the mother and sister of his late wife Natasha Richardson, who died in a skiing accident in Canada three years ago.

This week he will also appear in Taken 2, the highly anticipated sequel to his action flick Taken. This week the Irish actor talked about his thoughts on whether the Taken franchise could continue into the future.

“I don’t see it,” Liam Neeson said. “I don’t think it’s going to happen. I really don’t. I can’t see a possible scenario where audiences wouldn’t go, ‘Oh, come on … ! She’s taken again?’ “

Liam Neeson Hangs Out With Coco Austin At Jets Game