‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New Live Feed Updates From ‘BB18’ House Include Nominations, Veto Results, Eviction Vote

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the weekend have been exciting for fans. The BB18 house is already prepared for its next eviction ceremony, with the final five ready to vote another houseguest out. Fan site Joker’s Updates has done a great job relaying information over the past 48 hours, with the nomination ceremony and Veto competition already playing out. It includes a report about James Huling asking Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian whether Natalie Negrotti really “threw him under the bus” to progress her own game.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was another endurance challenge to decide who would be the Head of Household for the week. CBS viewers will find out on Sunday night (September 11), during the next taped episode of the show. The HOH competition played out on the live feeds, though, giving fans some immediate Big Brother 18 spoilers. Corey Brooks ended up winning another challenge, giving him the ability to name the two nominees for eviction this week.

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel (the other half of his showmance) had to decide who they wanted to work with as the final four and after some debate came to a conclusion. They decided that they wanted to not only work with James Huling again but that Victor Arroyo needed to be evicted as soon as possible. In possibly the most important Big Brother 18 spoilers of the weekend, the alliance of duos came to an end. While there will be some questionable footage shown to CBS viewers on Sunday night about the decision, Corey named Victor as his primary target.

At the nomination ceremony, Corey put Victor and Paul Abrahamian on the block, setting the stage for one of them to join the BB18 jury very soon. Even if Victor or Paul were to win the Veto competition, with only two votes left on the table (one being Nicole Franzel), the worst that could happen is that Corey would have to break a tie in the votes. The guys didn’t take the nominations very well, but there were strong hints about what was going to happen before the recent Head of Household competition.

The Week 12 Veto competition took place on Saturday, September 10, providing more Big Brother 18 spoilers for fans watching the CBS live feeds. Paul and Victor knew that to guarantee individual safety, that they would have to emerge with the Power of Veto. Neither guy was able to secure the Veto, though. Nicole Franzel won another challenge for the summer, securing the Veto and keeping the power within her showmance. This means that Nicole can now choose to keep the nominations the same when the Veto ceremony is held in the BB18 house.

This is a short week for the houseguests, as was discussed in a report on the Big Brother 18 schedule by the Inquisitr. The next “live” eviction is set to take place on Tuesday, September 13, meaning that either Victor Arroyo or Paul Abrahamian is about to become a member of the BB18 jury. This would be the third time that Victor got sent to jury, but there isn’t a way for him to battle back into the house this time. It does appear that the eviction vote is set, but there is still enough time for more Big Brother 18 spoilers to emerge from the house before Julie Chen reveals the vote.

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