‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH On Thursday Night, Takes ‘BB18’ House Power Over Final Five? [Breaking]

Big Brother 18 spoilers will reveal who won the HOH competition on Thursday night. The BB18 house didn’t complete the Week 12 Head of Household challenge during the September 8 episode, meaning the CBS live feeds would have a lot of action to show fans. This article serves to relay information that comes out during the HOH competition, including who takes over the power in the BB18 house for the final five.

The final five for the summer 2016 season are Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks. Victor wasn’t allowed to play in the latest HOH, as he held the power last week. This left it up to four people who were competing to have the power in an extremely important week. With James working by himself, it meant that he could depend on nobody else to save him from going up on the block next week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Natalie Negrotti was evicted right before the HOH competition got started, possibly making it a very emotional time for James. He may address the situation later on the live feeds, possibly presenting more Big Brother 18 spoilers during the overnight hours. First, though, everyone had to get re-focused and compete in the HOH competition that would guarantee one person a spot in the final four.

It’s another BB18 endurance competition taking place in the backyard, with the four competitors forced to traverse a very slippery course. The object is to transfer eight gallons of butter from one side to the other, using only a small scoop that they have been provided with. It’s not a challenge that will be completed quickly, meaning the action could play out on the live feeds for several hours (at least). Information on who is leading the competition, as well as who takes over the BB18 house by winning the Head of Household, will be reported as well.

As for the main component of these Big Brother 18 spoilers, Corey Brooks took an early lead in the Week 12 HOH competition. For fans just checking in, September 8 will be the final Thursday episode of BB18. There is a new schedule that has been released for the next two weeks, as relayed in another report by the Inquisitr. It’s very important to note that according to the new schedule, the winner of this HOH will have very little time to name nominees, as another eviction is coming on Monday (September 12).

Roughly 10 minutes into the HOH competition, Corey was ahead, with James Huling not too far behind. Paul Abrahamian and Nicole Franzel were taking the time to fill up a smaller bowl first, as inside is a larger scoop that could be an asset later in the evening. It put Paul and Nicole way behind Corey and James, but anything could happen as the houseguests continue to slide across the backyard.

Continuing with the Big Brother 18 spoilers from later Thursday, the houseguests were about 30 minutes into the HOH competition. Nicole was getting close to filling up her small bowl, which would give her a bigger scoop than everyone else. Corey was still leading the way in filling the large bowl, but he wasn’t even halfway to completing that goal. There was also a lot of crawling taking place in the BB18 backyard, with all the houseguests having trouble with footing.

At about the one-hour mark of the September 8 HOH competition, Corey Brooks was still leading the way. He had nearly filled about two-thirds of his large bowl. Nicole Franzel took the time to fill her small bowl first, giving her a larger scoop that she began using to try to catch up to Corey. James Huling was in between both of them, with Paul Abrahamian pulling up the rear. In the next episode of Big Brother 18, there is likely going to be a comedy segment of all the falls Paul is taking in the backyard.

More than 70 minutes into the competition, Corey was closing in on winning the endurance challenge. He had the large bowl more than three-fourths full, with a huge lead over the next houseguest. Nicole was still trying to catch up with her large scoop, which had allowed her to pass James in the race. Meanwhile, Paul was struggling at getting the large scoop out of the small bowl that he had just finished filling.

Who won the Thursday night HOH competition? Around 85 minutes into the endurance challenge, Corey Brooks filled up his large bowl and won the power. The next round of Big Brother 18 spoilers should reveal who Corey has decided to nominate for eviction, but for now, the BB18 house is winding down for the evening.

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