Distressing Footage Shows Stray Dog Carrying Dead Body Of Human Baby Through Streets [Video]

Shocking and distressing footage has emerged online showing a stray dog spotted running along a street carrying the body of a dead human baby in its mouth. The footage, believed to have been taken in Pakistan last Sunday, has caused shock and distress to thousands of viewers online.

Early last Sunday, residents of a neighborhood noticed a stray dog running along the street and through busy traffic carrying the body of a dead human baby in its mouth, the Daily Mail reports.

Shocked witnesses chased the dog, forced it to drop the baby and run away.

“This is just deplorable.”

The footage was taken by a person who saw the stray dog passing through the neighborhood. The person began filming after noticing it was carrying a lifeless human infant in its mouth.

He later uploaded the shocking footage to social media where it was seen and shared by thousands of shocked viewers.

The video shows the female dog running along with the dead body in its mouth, passing through traffic to a nearby bush, trying to escape after people began chasing it and trying to get it to drop the corpse.

Dogs have been known to attack infants. [Image via Wikimedia/Public Domain]

The dog eventually dropped the corpse in the street near a road with busy traffic and escaped. Several people then approached the lifeless form and confirmed it was the corpse of an infant.

It was uncertain whether the dead baby was newborn or older. The sex of the baby was also not confirmed. But viewers speculated it was probably a newborn baby that died or was abandoned by its mother after birth. The dog may have found the corpse where it was dumped and picked it up.


“That was about the worst thing I’ve seen in awhile.”

“Horrible! I can’t believe it.”

“I wander if this poor baby had been abandoned after birth or the dog had dug it up from a grave? Sad either way.”

“It’s horrible, yes, and the number of stray dogs [in Pakistan] is frightening.”

The shocking footage comes a few months after a horrific video emerged of a dog carrying a newborn baby in its mouth in Oman. The baby was believed to be only a few hours old because it still had its umbilical cord attached. But media reports said the baby survived the terrifying ordeal miraculously.

There is ample evidence based on past incidents that it is not safe to leave infants untended with dogs. Infants are vulnerable because of their small size, which could trigger a dog’s predatory instincts.

Experience shows it is unsafe to leave infants untended with dogs. [Image via Wikimedia]

Dogs have been known to attack and kill human infants.

In February 2014, a recently adopted dog savaged the 6-day-old baby of a Welsh family, according to the Daily Mail. The dog, identified as an Alaskan Malamute, chewed on the head of 6-day-old baby Eliza-Mae Martha Mullane and killed her. Neighbors heard the shocked mother, Sharon John, 42, screaming and shouting that the “dog at my baby’s head.”

In 2012, a 2-month-old baby, Aiden McGrew, was killed in South Carolina by the family’s dog while the father of the baby, Quentin, slept.

The dog, a golden retriever recently adopted by the family in a rural area of Dorchester County near Charleston in South Carolina, killed and dismembered the baby. The baby’s mother, Chantel, found her baby mauled to death after she returned home from a doctor’s appointment.

According to Dorchester County Coroner, the dog bit the baby and then proceeded to dismember him, tearing off a limb. The dog apparently picked on the infant because of his size. Two older children, aged 3 and 7, were not hurt.

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