‘Descendants Of The Sun’s Song Joong Ki Talks New Haircut, Park Bo Gum In Behind-The-Scenes Seoul Drama Awards Video — Will SongSong Be Back For ‘DOTS’ Season 2?

Song Joong Ki has a new haircut and he’s uncomfortable with it. The Descendants of the Sun star made the revelation in an interview featured in a behind-the-scenes video at the recent Seoul Drama Awards, Soompi reports

“I cut my hair because I’m currently filming a movie, but it feels awkward. I hope you can look at it favorably.”

The interview was aired on KBS’ Entertainment Weekly program.

According to Soompi, the interviewer also asked Joong Ki about Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds‘ Park Bo Gum.

“We asked who Hyeri of Girl’s Day wanted to work with between Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum. Who do you think she chose?” the interviewer asked.

Soompi reports that Hyeri said that it would be an honor to work with either actor. But Joong Ki assumed that Bo Gum would get picked.

“Wouldn’t she have chosen Bo Gum because she’s close to him? Also, these days Bo Gum is the trend.”


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Although Song Joong Ki’s words seem to imply a rivalry between him and Park Bo Gum, The Descendants of the Sun star has shared that he’s enjoyed Gum’s work on Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds

Soompi reports that on the Seoul Drama Awards red carpet, Joong Ki said that he liked Moonlight and looked forward to one day working with Park Bo Gum on a Korean drama. He also said that he’s happy with the ratings that the show has received thus far. Working on the same K-drama could come easy to them since Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki are represented by the same agency.

“I knew Moonlight Drawn By Clouds would do well, but I didn’t know that it would do this well. I’m sincerely thankful, and want to thank everyone for loving Bo Gum,” he said.

According to Yibada, Park Bo Gum’s series started off with low ratings, but it rallied and is now doing very well.

The viewership percentage for the series’ second-week episodes doubled from its premiere week. Ratings for Moonlight‘s second week were about 16 percent compared to 8 percent in its first week. It’s also getting close to jumping to the 20 percent mark, recent figures from Nielsen Korea report (as reported by Yibada).


But will Moonlight By The Clouds eclipse the success of Song Joong Ki’s Descendants of the Sun. DOTS, starring Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, became very successful in Korea and internationally. According to Yibada, this groundbreaking Korean drama got 40 percent of the audience share during its time slot.

But despite the show’s tremendous success, Descendants of the Sun season 2 is still not a certainty. There have already been reports on Inquisitr that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will not be back for a second season because of other career commitments. However, Gamenguide recently reported that the two DOTS actors, affectionately called SongSong by fans, were seen meeting with one of the show’s writers. But there has been no official word from Descendants of the Sun‘s broadcaster, KBS, whether the K-drama will be back.

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