Is Hillary Clinton Mentally Impaired With Special Needs? Louie Gohmert Believes So

Is Hillary Clinton mentally impaired with special needs? The Texas Republican Louie Gohmert seems to think she is. While speaking at the Value Voters Summit, Louie Gohmert made a point to refer to Clinton several times as both special needs and mentally impaired. Louie Gohmert went on to say that he did not believe people should be making fun of her, but supporting her through prayers for her unstable mental health.

“A true believer does what Jesus did… you don’t make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs, and whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton’s made clear, she is mentally impaired.”

Louie went on to say he believed Hillary’s impairment likely started following her concussion from her fall back in 2012.–lg

According to CNN, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to health conspiracies. However, most of the conspiracy theories surrounding Clinton’s health have been debunked.

The Health Conspiracy Theory Dates Back to 2012

Just a few days before Hillary was due to testify at Capitol Hill in regard to the Benghazi terror attack, she suffered from a concussion because she fainted from dehydration. This appearance had to be pushed back as she recovered from her concussion.

The political opponents to Clinton suggested she was faking it and even referred to it as a “diplomatic illness”.

Weeks after her fall, she was hospitalized and put on blood thinners in order to dissolve a clot which was discovered behind her ear on the right side. This diagnosis was made during a follow-up exam after her concussion. Clinton’s doctors did not believe the clot was the result of a stroke or any other kind of neurological complication.

Karl Rove Assisted In Planting The Seeds Back In 2014

In 2014, Karl Rove – Republican strategist – made headlines when he suggested it was brain damage Hillary actually suffered from after the fall in 2012. His argument was, why did she need to spend 30 days in jail? He claimed she was also wearing glasses doctors only gave to someone who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Karl Rove, however, did make an attempt to take back what he had said the next day. After the headlines with his comments went public, he told Fox News that the comment about brain damage was not something he ever said. He even claimed that the comment didn’t make any sense because Clinton only spent three days in the hospital – not a month.

During his appearance on Fox and Friends, Gohmert did apologize for the comment he made about Hillary Clinton having a brain that was in a blender. He claims the comment was made because of a song he had stuck in his head at the time. He went on to say making the comment was not the right thing to do.

“That was not a proper thing to say, because again, I’m making fun of the mentally impaired and that’s not right,” he said.

The Washington Times reported Louie Gohmert, who is no stranger to controversial topics, also mocked the memory gaps Hillary Clinton had during her interviews with the FBI. During the interviews, Hillary claimed she was unable to recall all of the details related to the handling of classified information. The Washington Times estimates that Clinton claimed she could not “recall” or “remember” at least 39 times during the interview.

Louie Gohmert believes the memory gap is related to the concussion she had back in 2012. He, however, claims it also could have something to do with her accidentally clubbing herself in the head with the hammer she used to smash BlackBerry phones.

Louie Gohmert did speculate around the fact that something was clearly going on with the health of Hillary Clinton and he believes voters have a right to know. Could she be unfit to be president? Or perhaps, like Karl Rove suggested, could she be too old to be president?

Is there a chance Hillary Clinton is special needs and/or mentally impaired? Are her doctors trying to hide a medical condition? Or is the special needs and mentally impaired accusation nothing more than another Hillary Clinton health conspiracy theory?

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