Voters Ponder Democratic Establishment Bias, What Got Sanders To Roll For Hillary

Democratic establishment bias is on the minds of some voters, who also wonder what provoked Senator Bernie Sanders to roll over at the very contentious Philadelphia national convention this summer, even after the WikiLeaks DNC email dump proved DNC bias for Hillary Clinton, and his sudden throwing of support behind the politician/rival he had been hammering away at for many months previously.

It is no surprise to some that Senator Sanders has called for Clinton to sever all her ties with the Clinton Foundation, the organization which is either “pay-to-play” or “philanthropic,” depending upon what each voter has read and does believe this year about the organization and Clinton’s time as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. A Sanders quote from writer Igor Bobic of the Huffington Post seems clear enough.

“She should cease all operations, all contact, with the Clinton Foundation.”

Delegates for Bernie Sanders in July at the DNC nominating confab protested by walking out, a well-enough covered story over on social media and here at the Inquisitr previously. Delegates were upset about the Democratic establishment bias and questioned why Sanders had not released them or even suspended his campaign before simply handing them off to Hillary so it could be “unanimous” for Clinton. One of the many Sanders’ delegates interviewed, at the time of that walkout in Philadelphia, stated why it occurred.

“Bernie said to ‘vote your conscience,’ and the DNC has colluded against us from the beginning. This was not a Democratic convention. This was a Hillary party.”

Another delegate for Sanders mentioned some suspicions over the unfolding DNC events and the Democratic establishment bias as it went down this summer.

“When [Sanders] finally ended up saying we’re going to make this unanimous and Hillary is our nominee it really didn’t feel like the right thing to do. It felt like he was backed into a corner and forced to make that decision … It’s never been fair.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., on stage on final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday, July 28, 2016. [Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

Voters are able to remember the fight to clinch the nomination, especially after the “Nevada fracas” and the Sanders statement, recorded by writer Michael Tomasky over at the Daily Beast.

“It is imperative that the Democratic leadership, both nationally and in the states, understand that the political world is changing and that millions of Americans are outraged at establishment politics and establishment economics,” the statement by the Sanders campaign read. “The people of this country want a government which represents all of us, not just the 1 percent, super PACs and wealthy campaign contributors.”

And Jane Sanders was concerned last spring about Clinton’s “innuendos,” per the story by Washington Examiner writer Daniel Chaitin. What Jane Sanders said bears repeating.

“It was very clear — and it was spoken very clearly — that the strategy of the Clinton campaign was to disqualify [Bernie], defeat him and then worry about uniting the party later.”

Jane Sanders is also quoted in that story as saying American voters don’t want to have candidates targeted by rivals using such innuendos either.

“I think it’s not what Americans want. They do not want to have candidates… saying our strategy is to disqualify him by making innuendos and implications that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

So what made Sanders roll for Hillary Clinton so suddenly and so unexpectedly? Conversation and discussion of the Democratic establishment bias, and Sanders’ action at the summer DNC convention, is suspect among voters on a Quora page and it reveals great concern.

On July 30, John Anderson confided his thoughts regarding the subject of why would Senator Sanders turn around on his supporters.

“Whether it was specifically Hillary or someone affiliated with Hillary makes no real difference in this case. Of course [Sanders] was threatened. You could also say he was persuaded, or given an ultimatum, or any of a number of characterizations. This is the political big leagues. Sanders has integrity and Massive appeal. He has Millions of die hard supporters, a tremendous fund raising program, and a message that is resonating with the electorate. Hillary and the DNC want all of that.”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who published the DNC emails just before the DNC convention, peeks out from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in 2016. [Photo by Frank Augstein/AP Images]

Also on Quora was a response from Miles Fidelman on the Democratic establishment bias and the turning of Sanders for Clinton support after the bias was revealed in July.

“I expect that hardball was played – in both directions. What Bernie negotiated for, behind closed doors, will probably never be fully revealed – but watch DNC appointments, leadership appointments if the Dems retake Congress, and votes on legislation that Sanders authors. Lots of promises were made.”

[Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP Photo]

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