WWE News: Big Update On Paige’s Status In WWE, Did She Actually Quit?

Break-ups are never easy, especially when the relationship between two partners was only slightly less than perfect. In the WWE, break-ups are infamous most of the time. And then, there are instances were it is a mutual separation that only lasts temporarily. Most WWE fans consider them “trial separation periods,” like Alberto Del Rio the first time, or CM Punk right now. Like multiple examples in recent history, they always come back.

Del Rio is the latest WWE superstar to pack up his things and travel towards the sunset. He and the WWE came to a mutual release earlier this week after his booking plans weren’t reportedly as promised when he first returned to the company. Del Rio was supposed to be a Paul Heyman guy. Just by hearing the booking idea would’ve had major potential. There’s no logical reason why they didn’t do that. He came out in late-2015 with Zeb Colter and won the United States title.

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He was promised a lot by the WWE officials, but they never came to fruition. Del Rio should’ve won the WWE World Heavyweight championship as a babyface. His alter ego in the Indies, Alberto El Patron, is an amazing character who is a pure babyface. There’s no good reason why the WWE didn’t book him that way. Then again, they have their ways and it is a subjective art form, so opinions are their own.

Right before his departure from the company, he began dating former-Divas champion, Paige. Then, out of nowhere, she got injured, but remained off television after her health increased. WWE fans wanted to know what happened to Paige, then it was reported her WWE status was in jeopardy and she may not even come back on television. In the last 24 hours, Front Row Brian reported she quit the WWE, but remained under contract.

It was also included that Paige hired legal representation to get out of her WWE contract. In a new report by WrestleZone.com and Dave Meltzer, Paige is reportedly still with the company and has not quit.

“According to those with direct knowledge of her situation, she was basically in the same situation A.J. Lee was on when C.M. Punk left. At one point this week it did appear she was gone, right now that isn’t the case, but it can change and the situation will be weird. The big difference is there is no legal action being taken against Alberto like there was against Punk.”

There’s still a chance for both side to work it out. Meltzer was exactly right when he compared it slightly to the CM Punk/AJ Lee situation. Punk didn’t leave the WWE on good terms, or on any terms for that matter. He departed on his own accord. Alberto Del Rio had a conversation and the WWE granted his release in mutual decision. The former-WWE champion wasn’t happy and the WWE obliged.

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The biggest difference is that AJ Lee wasn’t upsetting any WWE official, at least in the public eye. She wasn’t accused of being crazy or creating drama backstage. Lee was well-respected as a WWE superstar. So, the males and females in that comparison by Meltzer still have its differences.

Paige isn’t even 25 years old, so she could still have an even better WWE career in the future. Leaving may be under the influence by Del Rio, but that’s purely speculation. He’s officially gone, but Paige is not. The WWE needs more women on WWE Raw, and there’s nobody else that should fill a role than Paige. Let Del Rio leave and keep her. It is her house, after all.

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