Adele Records New James Bond Theme, Gives Proof On Twitter

Rumors have been floating around about the new James Bond theme for months. Well, it turns out that the rumors were true. Grammy Award winning singer Adele has recorded the new theme song for Skyfall.

Adele has been teasing her fans, and James Bond fans, for the last year. In September 2011, she was asked about her next project by Jonathan Ross on ITV1. Adele responded:

“I’m going back in the studio in November, fingers crossed. Well, this is actually a theme, that I’ve got to do. Wow, that’s really giving something away.”

The James Bond theme song has been tackled by several pop stars. Past movies have included songs from Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Shirley Bassey, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, and Madonna. Jack White and Alicia Keys provided the theme for the last Bond movie, A Quantum Of Solace.

Are you excited to hear Adele’s Bond theme?

The new movie, Skyfall, will premiere in Britain on October 23. The movie will make its way to the states a few weeks later.

Here’s the photo that Adele sent out this morning.


You can see a trailer for the new James Bond movie here.