Lena Dunham Forgets To Wear Pants At Charity Event

Pants? Who needs pants? Lena Dunham doesn’t need pants.

The star of Girls attended L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade Culinary Event this weekend and appears as if she forgot to put something over her bottom half. The Huffington Post reports that Dunham was wearing an over sized turquoise tunic and, well, that’s about it.

The Emmy nominated actress, director, and writer, may have been wearing a pair of short shorts, but it’s pretty hard to tell. Dunham has some racy scenes in her showGirls on HBO and appeared naked on the Emmys, so she’s obviously pretty comfortable with her body. The actress was probably wearing a pair of tiny shorts, but who knows. Maybe Dunham is the first to say what everyone else is thinking: No More Pants!

But the actress isn’t entirely against clothing her bottom half. The star recently covered ASOS Magazine wearing a jean jacket and a black and white skirt.

Dunham, 26, has had a breakout year this year. But she’s trying to not let it get to her head.

The actress said:

“I’m going to sound like such dips**t when I say this, but so many amazing things have happened in the past year, it was almost like amazing things overload. I was like, I wish these were slightly more spread out so I could appreciate every single one with the correct amount of gusto and savor it as a memory until my deathbed … I try to be conscientious about my work and the hype surrounding it, and not succumb to that stuff. I feel like it’s easier than one might think to become an obnoxious, create the person. You have to stay vigilant on that.”

Lena Dunham

Are you a fan of Lena Dunham? What about pants?