WWE News: Tyson Kidd’s WWE Career Coming to An End, Very Unlikely Kidd Will Ever Wrestle Again

On June 1, before an edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd suffered a severe neck and spinal injury after taking a “Muscle Buster” from Samoa Joe during a dark match. WWE didn’t make an announcement on Kidd’s injury until six days later on June 7 because of the severity.

It has been said that roughly 95 percent of people who suffer the injury end up quadriplegic’s or dead on the spot. Apparently, only five percent of people even survive the injury at all. It was Tyson Kidd’s physical condition that saved his life and his recovery from such an injury has been called nothing less than astonishing. However, that doesn’t do him a lot of good as far as his wrestling career is concerned.

The expectation was that Tyson Kidd wouldn’t even think about getting back into a WWE ring for at least a year. It’s been more than a year, but a timetable for his WWE return hasn’t been revealed yet. In fact, there has been nothing positive to report about the possibility of Tyson Kidd getting back in the ring.

The tragedy of the injury is that Tyson Kidd was just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. During his time in NXT, his heel run and feud with Neville for the NXT Championship doesn’t get the proper credit it deserves from the WWE Universe. The match quality during their feud was off the charts, and it’s importance to establishing NXT as the hottest brand in the wrestling industry was undervalued.

By the time Tyson Kidd came to WWE’s main roster, he was being addressed as “Nattie’s husband,” but he was beginning to change that perception before his injury. He had strong matches on a regular basis on WWE programming, including forming a great tag team with Cesaro and winning the WWE Tag Team Championships on one occasion. Tyson Kidd was believed to be a mid card champion in the making.

Despite all that success, it only took one move from a veteran like Samoa Joe to rob the WWE Universe and Tyson Kidd of any future success that he could potentially have. A year has passed since his injury. Unfortunately, not every major injury in this business leads to a great comeback story.

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A few months ago, it was reported that Tyson Kidd was unlikely to ever wrestle again. On paper, that is the right thing to do from WWE’s perspective because a spinal injury that kills almost 100 percent of its recipients is such a high risk, that something as simple as a bump could be fatal. As great a wrestler as Tyson Kidd was, he would be risking his life getting back in the ring, which WWE will never allow him to do.

Therefore, the following news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the WWE Universe. There is a new report that was released earlier today that Kidd’s contract with WWE expires next month, and it is extremely unlikely that he will be re-signed to an active WWE performers contract for obvious reasons.

As of this writing, there is virtually no chance of WWE officials ever medically clearing Tyson Kidd to return to a WWE ring. It’s possible that Kidd could look outside of WWE to wrestle in the future, but the risks are just as high. For all intents and purposes, Tyson Kidd’s hope to continue his WWE career or wrestling career are coming to an end.

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The fact that Tyson Kidd can walk is a miracle. Getting back into the ring to wrestle is just tempting fate. Regardless of what anyone thinks about him, Tyson Kidd is a prime example of the very real risks that all professional wrestlers around the world take every single day to entertain the fans of the industry.

Tyson Kidd’s WWE future is still very much up in the air. He’s a legend, and will go down in history as the last graduate of the infamous “Hart Dungeon” that trained so many great wrestlers over the years. On paper, you’d think that Kidd is headed to the WWE Performance Center as a trainer, producer, or agent for WWE.

The wrestling industry still has a lot more to get out of Tyson Kidd even if he can’t perform in the ring or reach his full potential as a wrestler. Nothing has been announced, but it’s only a matter of time before WWE and Tyson Kidd make an official retirement statement as his contract expiration date gets closer.

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