WWE Rumors: Tyson Kidd Unlikely To Ever Wrestle Again

Tyson Kidd has already lost a year of his career after suffering a severe neck injury during a match with Samoa Joe at a WWE live event. It was a brutal and very unfortunate injury that would have killed him if Kidd wasn’t in the amazing physical shape that he was at the time.

Since his injury would have instantly killed over 90 percent of people, he was able to avoid that casualty, but Kidd’s wrestling career may have died there nonetheless. With the severity of the injury, there was an immediate question mark placed on Tyson Kidd’s future and a year later, we’re no closer to an answer.

Tyson Kidd was an extremely good wrestler. He will go down in history as the last person to be trained in the infamous “Hart Dungeon.” You’d think that the last graduated of the “Hart Dungeon” would be a shoo-in for a major WWE run after cutting his teeth on the independent scene. However, Kidd’s career has obviously not gone according to plan.

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He signed with WWE in 2006, but his career didn’t hit his true stride until his run in NXT in 2014. NXT gave him the ability to showcase his skills in the ring and develop some character to go along with them to connect with an audience. His feud with Neville was pivotal during his NXT Championship title run and established Kidd as a thriving talent.

His main roster debut wasn’t spectacular since he more or less appeared by Natalya’s side and became known as “Nattie’s husband.” What’s funny is that when you wrestle as well as Tyson Kidd did, that moniker doesn’t stick to become your entire identity.

After teaming with Cesaro and becoming the WWE World Tag Team Champions, their team developed great chemistry and a very unique dynamic that made them one of the most interesting tag teams in the past several years. Cesaro and Kidd really don’t get a lot of credit for their contributions to WWE’s tag team division before The New Day took over the division with their unique gimmick.

Perhaps they would have received that level of success if Kidd’s injury didn’t derail his career completely. Losing a year of your career is no joke. Not only do you lose your momentum and have to heal, but you’re essentially hitting the reset button on your entire career and dynamic with the WWE Universe because the industry moves very fast and doesn’t stop for anyone.

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One of the biggest tragedies about the entire injury is the overwhelming potential Tyson Kidd had when the injury occurred. His tag team run with Cesaro would have ended eventually, and it’s extremely likely that Kidd would have become a very good midcard champion. If you look at the current status of the United States Championship, you have to belive that Kidd could have helped it over the past year.

It was recently rumored on RingSideNews that Tyson Kidd is very unlikely to ever wrestle again for obvious reasons. The severity of the injury is a life threatening thing and even the slightest bump in the ring could kill him.

He’s a serious risk to himself and his opponent through the eyes of a WWE official, so it’s very likely that he’s wrestled the last match of career, which is a huge waste of potential because of an unfortunate injury. You never know what can happen, but considering Daniel Bryan couldn’t get medically cleared over a year, Tyson Kidd isn’t likely to either. It’s a tragedy of the industry, but it is a great lesson that a career can end at any moment, so don’t take any superstar for granted.

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