Back-To-School Brawl Erupts At Indianapolis High School [Video]

A brawl reportedly broke out between a male teacher/staffer and a female student, age 15, at Arlington High School in Indianapolis, Indiana in this, the early stages of the school year.

Cell phone footage appears to depict the the two grappling on the floor of the hallway, with the student delivering blows to the teacher’s head. A separate teacher-student scuffle also briefly occurs in the footage embedded below. After a minute or two, other staff members showed up and interceded in the altercation to act as peacemakers.

According to RTV6, theIndyChannel, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) officials have suspended the student in question for violating the school’s code of conduct, and the teacher, 31, is considering bringing charges for battery, which he seems to vocalize on the video.

As far as what prompted the fight in the school hallway, “the root of the attack may have been an act or revenge or retaliation because of a disagreement between the IPS teacher and the attacker’s brother a couple of weeks ago,” RTV6 claimed.

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The incident, which occurred last Friday, but is just emerging in the media, is under investigation, the Indianapolis Star reported.

“The question some members of the community are asking in light of the video’s circulation through text messages and messaging apps is how come the security never seemed to arrive. The fight was already in progress when the video, shot by an unknown eyewitness, begins. The teacher in the sport coat asks for someone to call security barely 30 seconds in. Yet the melee continued for another two minutes — with the teacher taking repeated blows to the face. The video’s frame expands to a second student and a second staff member. And the melee ends without a uniformed security officer showing up in the video.”

The cop assigned to security for the high school arrived after about seven minutes, the Indianapolis Star added, noting that officials contend that things got out of hand when “two staff members tried to intervene in an altercation between two students.” Fortunately, no one involved was seriously injured.

IPS policy apparently allows teachers to use limited physical force to defend themselves.

The school system released a statement about the incident, WTHR in Indianapolis recounted.

“On Friday, September 2, two staff members attempted to intervene in a student altercation at Arlington High School in order to maintain safety. Nearby staff members immediately called for assistance. School is operating as usual, as Arlington’s administrative team and IPS Police continue to investigate the matter. As always, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our students.”

In addition to the footage recorded by bystanders, police reportedly have access to surveillance video of what went down in the hallway in the altercation between the staffer and the student at Arlington High School.

Indianapolis Public Schools is the largest school district in the Hoosier state serving more than 30,000 students in an 80-square mile area, detailed.

Watch this space for updates about the Arlington High School teacher-student fight.

Unrelated to the Indianapolis brawl, last October four cops wound up in the hospital following a student brawl outside an Allentown, Pennsylvania, high school, a portion of which was captured on cell phone video. Two of the officers who responded to reports of large groups of student engaged in street fighting at about 3 p.m. may have suffered concussions in the after-school encounter at William Allen High School, which unfortunately gave an entirely different meaning to extra-curricular activities.

That same month, the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the scene of a massive brawl involving about 40 students, which caused the administration to issue what it ominously called a “code red.”

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