Robert Hoffman Allegedly Reported Kate Gosselin To Child Protective Services

Kate Gosselin was allegedly reported to Child Protective Services by Robert Hoffman, her ex-husband’s pal and author of a tell-all book about the reality show star. The writer allegedly told the government agency that Gosselin is violent with her children. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World book has been pulled by Amazon. The book was reportedly on sale for two days before legal maneuvering by two top law firms prompted the purchasing shut down.

Robert Hoffman alleges that information he read in Kate’s private journals revealed that she has been violent toward her children, Radar Online reports. While both Gosselin fans and foes debate whether or not spanking with a wooden spoon is tantamount to child abuse, the reality show star may have to explain her actions to social services workers.

The author had this to say about turning Kate Gosselin in for alleged violent acts against her children:

“I personally contacted Child Protective Services twice in 2010 when I found the journal. I sent them copies of what I had and they told me they would look into it and that’s the last I heard. I tried to talk to Kate several times in 2010 but she wouldn’t acknowledge my existence.”

The debate about who the eight children should be living with was reignited after Hoffman’s claims about child abuse went public. Hoffman’s revelations sparked anti-Kate fervor and calls for Jon Gosselin to get custody of the brood, according to Radar Online. In the tell-all book, the writer claims to have spoken with “hundreds of people” who witnessed the alleged abusive behavior toward the children which prompted his calls to Child Protective Services.