Mamadou Diallo: Charges Dropped Against Husband Who Fatally Beat His Wife’s Would-Be Rapist With Tire Iron

Mamadou Diallo, a New York taxi driver who fatally attacked his wife’s would-be rapist, was freed after all charges against him were dropped. The man was earlier charged with manslaughter after he had brutally attacked the man who attempted to rape his wife and another female inside the couple’s apartment.

61-year-old Mamadou Diallo was arrested in May after security footage showed him savagely attacking a man inside an apartment complex. Diallo struck several blows to the man, who the police later identified as Earl Nash. The brutal beating Nash received caused multiple serious injuries. According to the police, Nash suffered severe body and head trauma after the beatdown by Diallo. Though he was rushed to the hospital, medical personnel were unable to save him. Nash succumbed to his injuries sustained in the beating.

Police arrested Mamadou Diallo and charged him with manslaughter. However, as the news of the incident spread, an investigation followed, which brought several aspects of the case to light. The facts about the case altered the public and police’s perception about Diallo. It turns out the 61-year-old had beaten his wife’s would-be rapist. The attack may not have been entirely in self-defense, but Diallo had a strong justification for his actions.

Mamadou Diallo lives with his wife in the Claremont Village apartment building in the Bronx. As Diallo was sitting in his car waiting to drive off to work, he received a frantic call for help from his wife who was upstairs. There’s no clear indication of the relationship, but the woman was in the apartment with another girl.

The 53-year-old woman had opened the door assuming it was their son Abdul but was shocked to find a stranger instead. While she attempted to slam the door shut, Nash forced his way inside and locked the door behind him. While undressing, he kept on saying, “I am going to rape you.” The woman’s begging or her attempts to pacify Nash with money fell on deaf ears. Refusing to leave, Nash then proceeded to tear off the woman’s clothes. He even allegedly, “bashed her repeatedly in the head with a chair as she fought for her life.”


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Managing to fight off her attacker, the woman called her husband. Despite having a string of arrests, Diallo didn’t hesitate to race upstairs and confront the attacker. While witness records are sketchy, it is claimed Nash attacked Diallo, and a brawl broke out. Diallo responded with punching Nash and hitting him repeatedly with a tire iron he had brought along. After Nash had laid bleeding on the floor, paramedics arrived and transported him to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition, but he succumbed to his injuries three hours later.

Police records indicate Nash, had been previously arrested for “drugs, arson, unlawful imprisonment, robbery and assault.”

The case drew public attention and scrutiny, with many defending Diallo, and justifying his actions insisting they were merely meant to protect his family. But the final vindication did come for 61-year-old Mamadou Diallo as the judge accepted the dismissal of charges against him. It was Nash’s family that had agreed to drop the charges, as was made clear through a statement prosecutors read out in the court. The deceased’s family observed that both the families had suffered enough. The statement noted that Earl Nash had suffered from schizophrenia, and his life had spiraled out of control due to a lack of mental health treatment.

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