Natalie Negrotti Needs ‘Time’ To Recover From ‘Big Brother’ Showmance With James Huling

Natalie Negrotti’s Big Brother game is over — and that includes the showmance part of it. In a conversation captured on the live feeds shortly before her eviction, Natalie told her Big Brother showmance, James Huling, that she needs “time” with her family and friends after the CBS reality show wraps. Negrotti didn’t entertain James’ suggestion about him coming to New York to see her after Big Brother ends.

“If I win the game, miraculously, somehow I win… I really hope that you’ll be out there waiting for me,” Huling told Negrotti.

“Either way if I win and me and you decide to try to do what we do, after you get all situated, I’m going to come to New York or I’m going to ask you to come move to Texas.”

But instead of agreeing to a future together, Natalie cut James off and told him even if he wins the $500,000 grand prize, she needs time away from him. You can see Negrotti’s exchange with Huling in the video below.

Natalie and James’ showmance hit a major roadblock earlier this week. First, rival houseguests Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian told Huling that Negrotti has been throwing him under the bus behind his back. James admitted he had been ready to “fall on the sword” for Natalie, but he began to rethink things after learning this news.

Things came to a head when a meddling superfan used a bullhorn to communicate an important message to the Big Brother houseguests while they were all out in the backyard. The bullhorn-toting fan screamed out that Huling and Nicole Franzel made a pre-game alliance with one another. This led to a major argument between Negrotti and her man.

Twitter user BBTooms took credit for the bullhorn incident, which ultimately contributed to the demise of Negrotti’s Big Brother relationship with James.

The bullhorn interruption was not shown on CBS, Instead, TV viewers watched Natalie become increasingly distant from James after she blamed him for her impending eviction from the house. Natalie was angry at herself for listening to James and trusting Nicole and Corey. James finally called her out, telling Negrotti her “true colors” were coming out. He also told her he heard she threw him under the bus, to which Natalie swore on everything she loves that she would never do that. Natalie’s past showmance was also thrown in her face as James accused her of initially being afraid to play Big Brother until he took her under his wing. He accused Natalie of using him after crushing on Corey, Victor, and even Paulie Calafiore, whom he said she had a “fling” with.

Some Big Brother superfans have been critical of Natalie Negrotti’s game. Before she entered the BB18 house, Natalie told Entertainment Tonight that she was open for a showmance, but she expected her guy to be by her side, want her to win, and root for her.

Natalie didn’t waste any time. Negrotti actually started out in a short showmance with Victor in Week 1 before moving on to James.

Natalie and Victor even went on a BB “date,” but by the time the live feeds turned on, their showmance had already fizzled.

Victor may have dodged a bullet. As witnessed on the live feeds, Victor and Paul were caught talking about the fact that Natalie used James to further her Big Brother game. And ousted houseguest Paulie Calafiore told Us Weekly that it was clear that Natalie was using James for her game.

“After Natalie has said multiple times that she will only be friends with James outside of the house, I think it is pretty obvious,” Calafiore said. “I think their relationship in the game is purely strategy. They do have genuine feelings, but as far as a relationship she has stated multiple times that she has no interest in dating him and will only be friends.”

According to spoilers posted by Joker’s Updates, Negrotti told Huling that she just wants to be friends with him outside of the Big Brother house. Meanwhile, he fell for her hard and even dropped the “L” word on her.

Big Brother fans have mixed feelings over how Natalie Negrotti’s showmance with Huling played out, while others feel Negrotti was given an unfair edit by CBS.

Still, while fans aren’t sure what to think, it was obvious by the time Huling and Negrotti gave their eviction speeches, that they had made up. Natalie said James is stuck with her forever and described him as her “soulmate.” And after her inevitable eviction, Negrotti called out to her showmance on her way out the door, telling him she will miss him and she loves him.

During her post-eviction interview with Julie Chen, Natalie swore that she never intentionally threw James under the bus. Negrotti even said she campaigned to keep him in the house at the end of her game in an attempt to show the other houseguests—and America— how much she cared about him. Negrotti also told Chen that her romance was Huling was “so real.” She said she was open to pursuing a romance with him in the outside world if they can find a way to make it work.

Natalie’s happy comments about James are a far cry from how things looked this week in the Big Brother house. But for now, Natalie Negrotti is out—and her former showmance is one step closer to a half million dollars.

Take a look at the video below to see Natalie Negrotti making James cry.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]

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