Donald Trump Disagrees With Himself: Present Trump And Past Trump Don’t See Eye To Eye

Donald Trump disagrees with himself so often that it would actually be comical if he weren’t running for president of the United States. However, since Trump is trying to become the person with his tiny finger on the button, it makes his championship level self-contradiction more disturbing than it is laughable. As the LA Times points out, even many Republicans – whose nominee Trump is supposed to be – find Present Trump’s astonishing ability to completely disagree with Past Trump a bit confusing.

Trump’s capacity to be consistently inconsistent and to disagree with his own past positions on the issues is hardly a new phenomenon. Donald Trump actually used to be a putative Democrat, and supposedly supported things that Democrats are generally expected to support.

Of course, Present Trump has embraced the extreme right wing of the Republican Party – as represented by the Tea Party – and disagrees with Past Trump’s momentary infatuation with liberal policies. Some might argue that this is evidence Trump can examine himself and his positions and is willing to change his mind. But in a less generous reading, Trump is simply willing to turn whichever way the wind is blowing.

Further evidence of this is seen in the change in Trump’s opinion of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who by sheer coincidence happens to be the person he’s running against. As pointed out by Mother Jones News, in 2007 Past Trump described Clinton as “very talented,” while in 2013 Past Trump praised her as going “above and beyond” in her role as America’s secretary of State. The Clintons, in his view at the time, were “really terrific people.”

Obviously, Present Trump completely disagrees with this now, and he suggests Clinton was one of the worst secretaries of State ever and that she had no real abilities or skills when it came to performing the job. As with so many of Donald Trump’s opinions, determining his present position on any issue seems to depend on what day of the week it is.

Demonstrator protesting Donald Trump’s meeting with the Mexican president. [Photo by Rebecca Blackwell/AP Images]
In fact, Donald Trump’s capacity to disagree with himself has evolved to the point where the Trump of today can disagree with the Trump of yesterday without the slightest degree of embarrassment. The interwoven issues of deportations and walls along the Rio Grande are a case in point.

Just prior to his recent diplomatic debacle in Mexico, Past Trump shifted from his position of wanting all illegals shipped out of the country to something a bit more vague. In fact, as soon as Past Trump reached Mexico and was shaking hands with that nation’s president, he seemed to forget all about his prior suggestions of sprawling holding camps and mass deportations.

Yet – only a few hours later – Present Trump decided to disagree with Past Trump during a speech in Phoenix, New Mexico. Here, Donald Trump – who was now safely out of the reach of the Mexican president – reasserted his past hard-line stance and reassured his right wing supporters that he would indeed round up millions of people and ship them south of the border.

Just what does all this mean? It makes it quite clear that Donald Trump is not a statesman, a politician, or a deep thinker. Trump is perfectly okay with disagreeing with himself for the simple reason that Donald Trump is a salesman. He has spent his lifetime selling buildings, casinos, products – and himself – to the American public.

Like any desperate salesman, Trump is willing to say anything to anyone if it will help him make the sale. Thus, from Trump’s perspective, his ability to disagree with himself is actually his biggest asset. The question for the American people is whether they want to see Trump’s colossal asset in the Oval Office.

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