Allison Janney Incredibly Close To Breaking The Emmys Record, Desires To Be An On-Screen Cougar

Allison Janney, the American actress perhaps most famous for her role on The West Wing, is set to become a record holder by winning the most primetime Emmy Awards.

To date, the actress has earned seven Emmy awards for her roles in such television programs as The West Wing, Masters of Sex, and Mom. The actress requires just one more acting win to equal the record set by Cloris Leachman, the legendary actress who won eight prime-time Emmy awards. Despite inching closer to breaking the record, the six-foot-tall actress reveals that she prefers to enjoy the awards ceremony rather than worrying too much about the prospect of winning.

Apart from making her mark in popular televisions programs, Allison Janney has been enjoying a glorious career in Hollywood ever since she made her on-screen debut in the 1989 film Who Shot Patakango? The popularity that the actress enjoys due to her long and illustrious career has enabled to earn a place amongst the most well-known celebrities in show business.

According to Deadline, Allison Janney will be one of the celebrity presenters at the 68th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony, which is scheduled to be held over two nights on September 10 and 11, 2016.

As a presenter at the ceremony, Allison Janney will share the dais with other celebrities, including Morgan Freeman, Bob Newhart, and Heidi Klum.

Despite making a name for herself as a high-profile celebrity, Allison Janney is quite candid when it comes to sharing her views and personal thoughts about the various roles that she has played during her career. Recently, the actress aired her opinions on her role in Tallulah, a movie in which she plays the role of a middle-aged woman who befriends a young woman who has allegedly stolen a baby.

Allison Janney revealed that her role was a challenging one as it demanded her to show the character enduring a range of emotional ups and downs. The actress also admitted to being an “addictive rambler” who has a mind filled with garbled thoughts. However, it is these convoluted thoughts that helped the actress get into the skin of her complex on-screen characters that can, at times, be extremely difficult to portray.

Additionally, Allison Janney confessed that the characters she plays are not always in line with her own personal ideas and beliefs. For instance, the actress’s on-screen character in Tallulah is shown to be a mother who gives precedence to wonderful maternal emotions over other feelings. However, in real life, Allison Janney holds the opinion that maternal feelings are not inherently ingrained within a woman and that a female can still be a complete woman without ever becoming a mother.

Apart from being an outspoken actress, Allison Janney also loves to show her funny side when talking about all the awkward experiences she has had in her career. The actress who enchanted the audiences with her bawdy scenes in Masters of Sex still recalls her first sex scene that was filmed during the making of Life During Wartime. According to People magazine, Allison’s first intimate scene with Michael Lerner, her fellow co-star, turned to be a hilarious incident that she still remembers in great detail.

During the filming of the scene, the actors were sprayed with glistening liquids to make them appear as if they were sweating during the scene. However, the crew failed to realize that the actors were standing on a marble floor, which had become slippery while spraying the liquid. As a result, the entire romantic scene proved to be a fiasco when Michael came down crashing down on the floor when he slipped while attempting to pull Allison close to him.

The awkward incident had everyone laughing, and the West Wing actress still feels amused while thinking about the shoot.

Like any other actor, Allison Janney has admitted to feeling uneasy while filming a steamy scene. However, being a professional actor, Allison will still shoot an intimate scene like any other scene despite the awkwardness she may feel. In fact, the Miami New Times reports that the veteran actress jokingly expressed her desire to film a sensual scene with men who are much younger to her.

“I do think it’d be great if I got one of those roles where I’m going out with inappropriately young men, though.”

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