Leah Messer’s Social Media Activity Is Causing Great Concern For Adalynn

Leah Messer has been working on changing her life around, especially lately as she lost custody of her twin girls last year. Messer was heartbroken when the courts decided to rule against her in the custody battle she had going on with Corey Simms. Corey believed that Leah wasn’t getting their twin daughters to school on time and that their daughter Ali was missing out on some valuable therapy sessions for her muscular dystrophy.

However, Leah managed to prove to the courts that she had done everything right and that the school attendance records were false. Now, Leah is showing the world that she’s a better mom after getting some professional treatment for anxiety and depression.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer recently posted a picture of her daughters’ outfits for school. As it turns out, Leah had only shared outfits for the twins in her Instagram post. And this caused some confusion on the social media network, as people wondered why Leah wasn’t getting her youngest daughter ready for school.

“After such an incredible weekend with these young women. It’s back to another amazing week! #Happy #Blessed We miss you Adalynn Faith!” Leah Messer revealed in her Instagram post.

She got plenty of comments about her missing daughter, including one that asked, “Am I missing something did something happen to Addie.”

It’s not that Leah Messer forgot about her daughter Adalynn. As it turns out, her youngest daughter is currently on vacation with her father, Jeremy Calvert, and his new girlfriend, Brooke Wehr. The two have been thinking about getting married, so it is possible that Jeremy just wants to spend more time with his daughter.

“She’s with her dad on the beach. Just spending time with Jeremy. Not some big conspiracy,” one person wrote to all of Messer’s followers, as Adalynn had been on vacation with her daughter.

While Messer didn’t clarify where her third daughter was, many people commented on the beautiful selection of clothing and backpacks that Leah had picked out for her twin daughters. And one person commented that it was wonderful that she wasn’t pushing the same style on her twin girls so they were wearing the same outfits to school.

“I think it’s wonderful that you encourage your twins to have their own style and identity,” one person pointed out in response to Leah’s post about what she had gotten her girls on their first day of school.

Sadly, Leah Messer is still dealing with some backlash from last season of Teen Mom, where she was accused of getting her girls to school very late. This was the reason why she initially lost custody of her girls, but they kept saying that they were always late and weren’t given breakfast.

Clearly, things have changed since last season, and one person came to Leah’s defense. These days, she actually shares custody with Corey, according to Blasting News.

“Some of you people make me sick. The ‘I hope they are on time’ comments are uncalled for. I’m a mother of two and both of mine go to school as well.. Mornings are VERY hectic and yes, sometimes they are late! Does that make us bad mothers?! No! We get them up.. Feed them.. Make sure they are properly dressed with their hair brushed.. Teeth brushed, ect. And in all that craziness try to find a moment to get ourselves together! So unless you are a perfect mother (if a mother at all).. Keep the comments to yourself,” one person wrote in defense of Leah Messer.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s post about her twins? Are you surprised at people’s confusion over Adalynn?

[Image via Leah Messer/Instagram]