Mitt Romney Hands Out Beef Jerky To Press Corps, One Claims ‘Jerky Envy’

Politicians have oft been described by pundits as meat heads for their various gaffes, and Mitt Romney has had his share of missteps on the campaign trail. Jack Link’s jerky played on that concept with a promotion earlier this year using the above jerky mural by artist Jason Mecier. Perhaps knowing the best way to get on someone’s good side is free food, Romney took a large bag of Jack Link’s beef jerky and distributed it to members of his travelling press corp aboard his plane.

Romney was in a jovial mood, visiting the press area of the plane multiple times. According to The Ticket, the second time, he had a large bag of Jack Link’s jerky, which he distributed. At one point he tossed an “All-American Beef and Cheese” pack at Reuters’ reporter Sam Youngman. The pack was about half the size of the others given out, identified as Jack Link’s Sasquatch size beef jerky.

Looking at the package and then at Youngman, Romney laughed apologetically. The press pool laughed too. Had the Republican presidential candidate made a “size” joke?

Not long after Romney returned with a full size stick of beef and gave it to Youngman.

“Thanks governor,” Youngman said. “I had jerky envy.”

Romney reportedly busted into laughter and returned to his seat.

The jerky handouts marked the second time this year that Romney and beef jerky have made the news. The Huffington Post reported in August that Mecier’s portrait of President Barrack Obama and Romney used about 50 bags of jerky for each portrait.

“For years, political and cultural figures have earned the distinction of having their likenesses preserved for all time using the artistic medium of the day,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “In the light-hearted spirit of the brand, we commissioned artworks that used jerky instead of paint. Now, Jack Link’s asks all Americans, ‘which meathead will you vote for?'”

Fan could offer their vote on Jack Link’s website. As of September 30, Sasquatch was recieving 76 percent of the vote, with Romney and Obama tied at 12 percent each.

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