Ben Affleck Moving On From Jennifer Garner? ‘The Accountant’ Star Caught Hitting On A Mystery Woman

Ben Affleck is doing everything in his power to win back Jennifer Garner, but a recent slip-up might delay his reunion plans.

X17 is reporting that the Batman v Superman star was just spotted flirting with a mysterious woman in L.A. Will the flirtatious interaction end to his marriage for good?

Affleck was out shopping with his three children when fans spotted him hitting on an unknown woman in the parking lot.

Affleck wore a maroon t-shirt and jeans during the outing while the woman wore a sexy black outfit. It isn’t known if the two know each other or just met at the store.

The Justice League star was nothing but smiles as he talked to the woman, who wasn’t afraid to show some affection of her own.

The sighting comes weeks after Affleck and Garner were seen arguing at their child’s karate class. During their heated exchange, Garner wiped away some tears while Affleck looked very guilty.

According to OK! Magazine, Affleck’s three children — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel were present during his latest outing. Apparently, Affleck was stocking up on groceries and playing the part of a dutiful father when he decided to flirt with the woman.

It isn’t clear how Garner reacted to Affleck’s latest act, though Just Jared is reporting that the actress is currently at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

Garner is promoting her newest film at the event, Wakefield. It is not known when Garner will arrive back home.

In addition to his grocery outing with his kids, Just Jared released photos of Affleck going out for a movie.

The actor was spotted wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt while he made his way to the film. Neither the kids nor the mysterious woman was with Affleck during the movie.

Meanwhile, Affleck’s co-star on The Accountant, Anna Kendrick, recently discussed what it is like working the famous actor.

In particular, Kendrick praised Ben Affleck for his hard work and down-to-earth attitude whenever the cameras aren’t rolling.

“He’s very smart and very funny and is definitely a practical actor,” she explained in the interview. “He comes to work to get his job done and to make the best movie possible but is still really normal-sauce off-camera.”

Meanwhile, Affleck and Garner announced their shocking divorce over a year ago.

The couple had been married for ten years before deciding to part ways.

Despite their surprising split, the estranged couple has yet to finalize the divorce and have been spotted in public on multiple occasions.

In fact, their odd breakup led to speculation that Affleck and Garner would eventually work out their differences and get back together. After all, Affleck still lives with Garner in their Hollywood home, and he actively participates in the lives of all his family members.

Based on his latest outing, Affleck is trying his best to be a good father while Garner is out of town.

Of course, it isn’t clear if Affleck’s latest actions will throw a wrench in his plans to win Garner back.

At the same time, the identity of the mysterious woman has not been revealed. Although Affleck looked like he was flirting with the woman, there is a possibility that it was a friendly exchange.

Whatever the truth, Affleck’s latest flirt will probably not sit well with Garner, especially considering how she is currently out of town and left him to take care of the kids.

Garner and Affleck have not officially commented on the status of their marriage or the latest rumors regarding their reunion.

Tell us! Do you think Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are finally on their way to divorcing? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview for The Accountant below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]