Mutant Piglet Born With A ‘Penis’ On Its Head: Are The Men In White Coats Out Of Control?

A horrific video of what looks like a mutant piglet with a “penis” on its forehead has been widely shared on Chinese social media, raising the question: is it real?

Because if so, then it would suggest the men in white coats who seek to play god and reshape nature in their image have plummeted a new and distasteful low in the dark netherworld of animal experimentation and genetic modification.

After all, what twisted architect would seek to create a pig with a penis on its head?

The world has already been introduced to the concept of a featherless chicken, a glow-in-the-dark rabbit, a glittering gold seahorse, and fast-growing salmon, but surely breeding a pig to go through life with a “penis” flopping around aimlessly on its forehead is a bit beyond the pale, even for those who have dedicated their lives to prodding, probing, injecting, slashing, and torturing any animal unlucky enough to find itself on the wrong side of a cage.

The Daily Mail reports that the baffling footage of a mutant piglet with a “penis” on its forehead has appeared online, and as social media loves a modern-day freak show, the clip has taken off in a big way.

In the video, a man holds the unfortunate animal aloft like a testament to the crusading nature of modern science. The poor pig has what appears to be very human like face and appears visibly distressed and panting for breath throughout.

Speculation is rife on social media as to the exact cause of the pig’s deformities. It remains unknown where the video originated, but some say the pig was not created in a lab at all but was born this way as a direct result of environmental pollution.

It’s not the first time a pig has been born with a “penis” on its head in China. Apparently, a farmer called Tao Lu based in Yanan township in the city of Nanning was inundated with cash offers for a piglet of his that appeared to have a human face and a “penis” protruding from its head.

The pig in question was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19 and became famous when it appeared in pictures published by the local newspaper.

Tragically, after being rejected by its mother and refusing to take to the bottle, the piglet died, leaving Tao Lu disappointed that he was denied a golden opportunity to make his millions on the back of such a “freak of nature.”

The disgruntled father had big plans to put the pig with a “penis” on its head on display and attract thousands of visitors from far and wide.

“It was a large litter, and the mutant was one of the last of 19 piglets to be born. All the others were normal, just this one was really bizarre.

“It is a shame it died, I could have got more money for it than for the rest of the family put together based on what people were offering me on the phone.”

It’s not sure how the pig featured in the latest video ended up with a “penis” dominating its facial features, but there’s really nothing funny about it.

Although this poor creature’s suffering may not be a direct result of genetic modification or animal experimentation, its disturbing appearance acts as a timely reminder that all over the world, in remote labs, men and women in white coats are using the veil of official secrecy to torture millions of animals in sinister and sadistic experiments that have questionable, if any worth.

In an earlier article, The Inquisitr reported that animal experiments are on the rise year upon year, particularly those whose end goal is to create animals with genetic modifications or “harmful mutations.”

Deformed limbs, fused bones, and painful swellings are all common ailments of GM animals, and scientists have previously stated, “Many failures and unexpected effects of genetic modification go unrecorded in the scientific literature.”

The genetic modification of animals is often slammed as futile by its opponents, who believe that such manipulations fail to overcome fundamental biological differences between humans and other animals. Thus rendering them poor models for human diseases.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) President Jan Creamer explained how there exists great concern at the number of animals subject to genetic modification.

“We are deeply concerned that genetic modification of animals is being allowed to simply increase year on year. NAVS investigations have revealed a great deal of pain and suffering is caused by breeding GM animals. ‘Donors’ and ‘parents’ are subjected to repeated surgeries, egg collection, implantation and repeated blood and tissue testing. Their babies can suffer severe deformities, painful swellings, fused lungs and premature death. The vast majority of babies are discarded and killed because only 3-5% show the desired trait.”

In 2014, over 3,500 dogs, mainly beagles, were experimented on in the U.K. alone. The animals were force-fed compounds such as agricultural chemicals or had toxic substances pumped into their veins, which can make them so sick that they die in agony.

In the same period, over 3,200 monkeys were experimented on in the U.K. Mainly used to test drugs or for neurological research, monkeys endure force-feeding or injections of experimental compounds. They have electrodes implanted into their brains and endure full body immobilization in restraint chairs while they are experimented on. At the end of the experiment, most monkeys are killed.

Yet, such statistics and facts are just the tip of a rather nightmarish iceberg.

According to PETA, more than 100 million animals are poisoned, burned, crippled, and abused in other ways in U.S. labs each year.

And here’s the sting — 92 percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they don’t work or are dangerous.

The below makes for grim and extremely disturbing viewing, but burying their heads in the sand is not an option for the poor souls featured in the video, so neither should it be for you.

Dr. John Gluck knows all about animal experimentation from the inside out. He spent decades working in the labs where they take place. And what did all that experience teach him? Well, read the below extract from his recent opinion piece in the New York Times and find out.

“The ethical principle that many of us used to justify primate experiments seemed so obvious: If you are ethically prevented from conducting a particular experiment with humans because of the pain and risks involved, the use of animals is warranted.

“Yet research spanning the spectrum from cognitive ethology to neuroscience has made it clear that we have consistently underestimated animals’ mental complexity and pain sensitivity, and therefore the potential for harm. The obvious question is why the harms experienced by these animals, which will be at least similar to humans, fail to matter? How did being a different member of the primate grouping that includes humans automatically alter the moral universe?

“What did I learn from my research? Whether it is called mother-infant separation, social deprivation or the more pleasant sounding “nursery rearing,” these manipulations cause such drastic damage across many behavioral and physiological systems that the work should not be repeated.

“Non-animal alternatives are required, and we should be focusing more attention on developing them. There is no research more valuable than our own integrity and ethical coherence, and our treatment of animals is a direct reflection of our values toward life and one another.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you of the fundamental wrongs experimenting on innocent animals entails, here’s something that may appeal to the more self-interested amongst you.

The Inquisitr earlier reported that scientists in China have announced that they hope to open the first mass cloning factory by the end of the year, where they can clone cattle, pets, and, all being well, humans!

So there you have it. If we as a species remain intent on torturing animals and traveling down the genetically modified road to damnation, one day in the not too distant future we could all wake up and end up looking like complete, well, let’s just say “pig” heads.

[Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]

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