One Piece Manga 838 And 839: Cracker’s ‘Thousand Arms’ To Stop Luffy And The Straw Hat Crew From Reaching Sanji-Pudding’s Wedding Venue? [Spoilers]

One Piece manga chapter 839 may have been slightly delayed, but the sheer number of events that are set to collide has undoubtedly piqued the interest of anyone who loves Japanese manga and anime.

[Warning: One Piece Chapter 838 spoilers and Chapter 839 speculations ahead]

One Piece manga chapter 838 thoroughly surprised everyone with the turn of events and developments. While Charlotte Cracker’s bulky frame might have turned out to be a ruse or an intimidation tactic, his abilities are still formidable because of the countless cookies he can generate. He may have been all armor and very little warrior inside, but Luffy still had to put in a lot of effort to break through a single layer. As revealed during the earlier chapters, Cracker, who is indeed one of Big Mom’s several children sent to restrict Luffy and his fellow members of Straw Hat, isn’t a powerful adversary, but he has the special ability to exponentially multiple his arms and swords with a mere series of taps and turn the cookies he generates into anything he desires.

As it has been previously established that Cracker is indeed the true “Thousand Arms” bandit that the manga had routinely referred to, Luffy’s work has been cut out for him, despite being at the very edge of the dreaded Seducing Woods. Fans speculate Luffy will indeed defeat Charlotte Cracker, but there are strong indications he will not annihilate him completely as that would invite more trouble for the pirate and members of the Straw Hat group.

Despite the odds, Cracker’s defeat at the hands of Luffy seems inevitable owing to multiple reasons. In the previous chapters, Cracker had attacked Pound, one of Big Mom’s several ex-husbands. Interestingly, it was Luffy who interjected and defended Pound. The pirate even saved Pound. Hence the ex-husband could support Luffy in any way he can.

Apart from Pound, Luffy has had significant assistance from another Big Mom’s ex-husband, the big and burly Buried Guy. After Nami broke through the multitude of mirrored creations that Brulee generated, and informed Luffy about Buried Guy, the latter has been intently helping out Luffy escape the Seducing Woods. Though it was Buried Guy who was supposed to knock Cracker unconscious, it was Luffy who struck the burly opponent first.

For some reason, the Seducing Woods tremble at the sight of Buried Guy and respectfully allow the party to pass through. The same animated forest had made Luffy’s passage really difficult, but owing to Buried Guy’s presence, the Straw Hat crew made amazing progress. Of course, Buried Guy has his own agenda behind lending a helping hand to Luffy and the gang.

Interestingly, even Nami is proving to be a powerful deterrent for the Seducing Woods. She is in possession of Big Mom’s vivre card. The card was given to Nami by Lola and it appears to be burning, which many speculate indicate Charlotte Linlin is getting weaker. When Nami flashes the vivre card, the animated trees and the animals in Seducing Woods that Big Mom herself brought to life, sense the terrifying Yonko’s power emanating from it and quickly back away. Even the fearsome tree known as King Baum can no longer oppose Nami and flees in terror.

Luffy’s victory seems even more likely because of one more tiny but crucial detail the mangaka revealed. It appears Burlee’s magic mirror, which she used to create multiple copies of the members of the Straw Hat group to confuse Luffy, appears to have developed cracks, steadily deteriorating her spells. It is still not known how the original Nami managed to step out of the chaos to warn Luffy, but fans speculate she might have been the first to sense and escape from Brulee’s diminishing powers.

More surprises lie ahead for Luffy and his Straw Hat gang as they race towards Sanji-Pudding’s wedding venue as Big Mom’s suddenly gains an unlikely and fearful alliance. Could Cracker and Big Mom’s friends complicate or worse, derail Luffy’s missions?

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